Call to action : Please tell Mike Novogratz why he should buy HIVE and LEO as response his recent Tweet about him buying $LINK

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Link to the Tweet.Screenshot 20210123 at 23.25.07.png

I will be giving away some HIVE tips directly from Twitter for good responses.

Ps. You don't need to share the screenshot of your response here. I'll find your Tweets myself.

Thank you 🙏

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Try to comment and see if you can get his response.

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We just gotta keep trying!

That's the only way sir and sir I would really love you to check my blog out 😇😇😇

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Will do bro!

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Hi @nathanmars, 3SPEAK doesn't work anymore, do you know what happened?

It's working for me.

Please ask the your specific issue via Twitter

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Thanks for reply

Do they have a Twitter kind of version of Hive! Will like to use that is the Crypto Twitter 2.0

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But most of the content are lengthy on like Twitter 160 worlds