Calling HIVETwitter to join 24/7 HIVE Marketing Community #HivePosh

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Everyone is now talking about Bitcoin and the world is paying attention to the ever increasing Fiat Printing and Bitcoin is keep pumping.

More people are now forced to talk about Censorship because they can see web2 censorship real and they are looking for alternative Censorship resistant Platforms. Coming weeks and months will be Huge for HIVE and I know our global HIVE community want to see HIVE price hitting all time highs. So this is our opportunity to tell the world about the true potential of HIVE.

Recently, I was not active on Twitter as much as I would like to. Slowly starting to gain my momentum and flow. HIVETwitter never sleeps and I saw most people from our global community are Tweeting about HIVE 24/7. HIVE has no CEO nor Marketing department.

I'm super happy to read and find out that TheyCallMeDan created a decentralised HIVE Marketing Community called HIVEPosh.

Please read more about HIVEPosh here and Join our grassroots marketing community.

Subscribe to HIVEPosh Here: or

I'll be making much contribution as I can to HIVEPosh community and you guys will join me too.

Thank you and I mean it.

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Thank you for this @nathanmars, I've been distracted of late with a horrid 2nd covid wave here and trying to run our bnb without staff has been hectic but our live-in staff member is back so there's a bit more time to get busy again on Hive and Twitter!

Trying to run our bnb without staff has been hectic but our live-in staff member is back so there's a bit more time.

I can imagine how hectic life and business can be during this uncertain times and I'm glad to hear that you're getting bit for time for yourself.

When $HIVE reach $10, I would like visit south Africa and stay at your Bnb :)

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Oh that would be such a treat!

Let's go Sensei!. This our field. We are sharks in known waters. Let's bring together more awareness to Hive.

Let's GO

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Thank for good message!
I have Subscribed HIVEPosh.
Let Us go on!

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Thanks for letting us know, I will check it out.

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Yes please bro

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