Get ready for decentralised #HIVEInvite Twitter movement.

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Maybe it’s something to do with timing. Steem hostile takeover didn’t happen during the bull market nor it didn’t happen after delete Robinhood movement.

We saw the most crypto leaders have paid attention to what happened during the HIVE hardfork and they expressed their support for HIVE community and still respect our community.

I see that Wallstreetbets/delete Robinhood and decentralising the media HIVE movement is equally valuable and important.

HIVE needs new investors, new partnerships, new collaboration and more importantly we need crypto leaders who preach decentralisation.

If we don’t ask they won’t get on HIVE. I see clubhouse has 2 million users, because the people who’re shilling clubhouse are high networth individuals.

Like clubhouse invites, we can do decentralised #HIVEinvite movement. I only thought of this idea today and would like to get some feedback, so that we can collectively execute HIVEInvite Twitter movement with extremely simple participation like our collective Seven77 Steem Twitter movement.

Ps. I learned a lot failing with Seven77

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Totally agreed!

I see there are a lot of projects and dapps fully functional with lots (2-3k daily) of ussers who doesnt have a place to discuss, organize and conect (such as Wax network for example)

Some games as @cryptobrewmaster are now launchig NFT (Game objects backed on the blockchain) backed on Wax

Probably is a good start to cooperate between Hive and Wax

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Have anyone reached out to WAX community for collaborations with HIVE yet ?

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I really dont know! i think not because we cant even trade tokens

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I will keep on eye for WAX community on Twitter

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Hive really ought to be getting more attention as a decentralised and non-censoring platform. It's a natural fit for anyone into crypto as well as those who believe in freedom. We need some influencers to be talking about it even if Elon Musk seems happier trolling people with talk of Doge.

I have already seen couple of Crypto Twitter influencers joining HIVE through LeoFinance.

Crypto Twitter is not so big and getting the first few people are the hardest.

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Let's create supper elite invitations for carefully selected content creators we want to see on our platform.

Like, ability to earn crypto with your content is super cool and just shilling it as usual seems to be diminishing for Hive.

HIVE needs reputed elite to be part of our Network.

Ability to earn and become a investor/owner decentralised media protocol is superpower.

I think there is a big difference reputed elite shilling HIVE

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#HIVEinvite more like the "call to action" we've been doing? Sounds good to me if can pull a collective invitation, we sure have the capability to make it work.

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Actually I'm thinking let our community to invite their own favourite Crypto Twitter people to HIVE with a simple action plan that can be executed more frequently by anyone at anytime.

Still brainstorming this idea and wanted make it simple and not more than 3 steps.

I'm certain one of the reason why Justin Sun decided to buy was he must have seen our collective Seven77 Twitter movement. So HIVEInvite Twitter movement can bring the right investors/partnership/people to our HIVE Network.

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I really like the idea Sensei, and you know you can count on me! Let's go!

Thank you my man!

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So basically you mean we can just market hive in a sort of trend or discussion just like we used the steem hostile takeover to shill hive back then?

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I wasn't around during Steem hostile takeover and STEEM Seven77 Twitter movement didn't had concrete target.

Trying to make HIVEInvite to target high Net worth individuals and high potential collaborations.

So we need a simple framework that incentives the individuals/project that makes someone join HIVE with our collective HIVEInvite movement. Basically we need to individually pitch HIVE and get rewarded for our results.

Time to be creative and I'm sure I will come up with initial framework soon :)

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Its about time you did what I showed u last year lol. When will u get @appics back on hive ? They left u for superior chain @hellotelos which i airdropped to all hive users bsck on steem pre fork

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If appics come back to HIVE then they will have a healthy competition with dApplr