Get ready for HIVE AMA with @nathanmars Exclusively Twitter next week!

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When we started STEEM Twitter movement last year I did more than 100 Twitter live-streaming to answer questions from our community.

Coming back to HIVE this year I hosted 50 plus interviews with HIVE community members via Twitter also hosted more than 20 live streaming sessions via Twitter.

However I lost my momentum during the months of September and October. November I've slowly building up my momentum.

So I'll be hosting my First HIVE AMA via Twitter since becoming a Witness.

More details coming soon.

Thanks a million for everyone who are contributing to our collective HIVE Twitter movement. Our movement is only one Billionaire or one Partnership away from $1 HIVE.

Let's make it happen together!

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I'm looking forward to it and thanks for what you're doing on Twitter. You're the biggest promoted as far as I know and I really appreciate that.

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This is just the beginning.

Our collective HIVE Twitter movement will bring huge long term value to our HIVE network

Appreciate you man, looking forward to your AMA!

Our HIVE community Appreciate you as well Jon.

Planning to do HIVE Twitter AMA weekly with single focus of onboarding investors.

Man well-done and kudos on your twitter work for hive

This is just the beginning

You are one of the biggest and most faithful promoters of Hive on Twitter and the world. Of course I will be accompanying you, because you are an inspiration for all of us who follow you, one of the most charismatic and good people in the beehive. A hug and all the best to you, dear @nathanmars

Thank you so much!

My best yet to come and we're gonna build our HIVE Network stronger together

Thanks for continuing to make Hive awesome.