How can we make 2021 the year of HIVE ? My little suggestions

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  1. Create contents daily. I would personally recommend to create your contents with, and If you're too busy then create a buzz with or create content with Dapplr mobile app.

  2. Curate contents daily. I would encourage manual curation. Spread your votes around rather than just voting for your friends and your alt accounts.

  3. Check your witness votes monthly. I personally want to see LeoFinance in top 20. Love to see many new HIVE witness nodes all across the planet like India, Nigeria, Venezuela, Philippines, Indonesia, Greece, Japan, Jamaica and so on. I would love to see healthy competition for top 20 spot.

  4. Check your DHF proposal votes monthly. If you don't want to vote for particular proposal, please try to give some feedbacks. If you've any idea or project or little task that you believe it can add value to HIVE network, then please do put up your own DHF proposal.

  5. Spend few minutes a day on Twitter and help us spread HIVE awareness. Don't underestimate the value HIVE can extract from Twitter. It's hard to measure the results of our collective HIVE Twitter movement because we might not achieve anything big for few months and one day one wealthy individual sees the potential of HIVE and he can push the price of HIVE 10X in a week.

  6. Whenever possible try to onboard your friends and family with HIVE and teach them and guide them with their HIVE journey.

  7. If you can tokenise your community then don't wait. Just do it. Every tokenised community is like small country with their own economy and currency. This is huge for HIVE

  8. Understand that everyone sees the world with different lenses, Not every HIVE stakeholder will not see your contributions and if you have enough people appreciates you and value your work then you can support each other and still be part of larger decentralised HIVE network.

  9. Take ownership of HIVE and cultivate long term investor mindset. Act like owner not like a user.

  10. Learn to enjoy the HIVE journey and take regular breaks. Look after yourself and your loved ones. Healthy you means Healthy HIVE

Thank you for reading.

Stayyyyyyyy blessed! ❤

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Been mad impressed with the many Nigerians I've been seeing on Hive. I have so much faith in Hive, and yeah I'm pretty inconsistent. but Hive has done much for me, everytime I get the chance, I do what I can for Hive, coz it's our home.

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I'm pretty inconsistent.

I'm sure you will be consistent with HIVE from this year :)

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Great advice.. comment comment comment.. that's my LEO strategy. I post daily.. every single day.. since 2017

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Keep up the great work dude

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Some days are easier than others..

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Thoughtful ideas . With this hive will grow stronger in this year

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Let's grow together with HIVE and LEO

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Okay how do you post a leo finance does it have its own login or do just use the hashtag

I would recommend using website to post Leo post.

You can sign-in with Hive Keychain.

Also you can use #Leo or #LeoFinance hashtags with other HIVE front end or dapps and your post automatically appear on

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Oh Thanks i book marked don't have a lot bookmark so cool Thank you😉

Pleasure is mine

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I agree with every point on the list and will try to be more present on Twitter
Thanks and !BEER

Thank you dear.

2021 is the year of $HIVE

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Great ideas. I'm already in all of the listed suggestions and I so believe that Hive would moon again. Thanks for all you do for Hive.

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Let's keep pushing HIVE and LEO forward together

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Great advice man!

This is something each of us can do every day to help the blockchain grow.

I love point 5...You never know who is watching. Just keep pushing Hive and adding value, someone will notice!!

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Keep up the great work dude.

I'm lacking consistency and I'm working on to improve on my own advice.

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except of the

If you can tokenise your community then don't wait.

as i don't have a community :P

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LEO is our community

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"If you're too busy then create a buzz with" One reason why the Buzzies awards were started:

Need to start buzz again!

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Great ideas for 2021 sir, this is really the key to see #hive to the moon. 🙏

Good and valuable Suggestions!
I still do more than half of these suggestions.
I will try more than yet.

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Let's keep contribute HIVE and grow together.

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You are so right about everything @nathanmars

Myself I’ve been working on growing our Bulgarian network, Hive Bulgarian project here on hive and trying to stay on top with my daily videos on talking about the evolution of social media networks Video 2 talking about differences between YouTube and 3speak decentralized platform.

Keep up the good work bro!

Wish you all the best with Hive Bulgarian project :)

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With a few more people like you Hive could be massive! I will do what I can to help. We have a good team and community that ought to be more valuable. Have to get the word out.

Slowly by slowly we can create more true believers of HIVE.

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Excellent points! I'm not into creating my own tokenized community and I don't even use twitter. But I have been repeatedly telling people that DEC is a better and safe investment that Apple,Inc and that it is categorically insane to buy BTC when you can buy LEO. It might sound crazy to some people. But I truly believe those words. That is why I have inscribed them on the blockchain.

I need to look into DEC

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The thing about DEC is that 1000 DEC is treated as at least $1 or more when purchasing on @splinterlands Whenever you can get 1000 DEC under $1 you are basically signing up for instant gains of buying dollars for cents. If you play @splinterlands it's one of the best investments you can make.

@nathanmars rebloguear

Nice suggestions.
small steps at a time.
I will try to follow the suggestions.

thank you.

thank you.

Thanks bro!

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Thanks for continuing to make Hive awesome.

Thanks for the insightful post! I'm brand new to Hive and I'm loving it. Posts like this are very valuable to new people such as myself.

I'm learning more about the community and it's enormous potential everyday! Learning all the different ways I can help growing the community is really important to me.


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