If you have $10k to invest in Crypto. Which 5 coins would you put in your portfolio and be patient until 2025 ?

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Say you have $15k to invest in crypto and you are willing to be patient for next 5 years. Also imagine you invested 5k into LEO and HIVE. Now you’re left with $10k and you want to only pick 5 more coins. What would you suggest?

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Too hard to choose, but off the top of my head...

HNS - Handshake - a decentralized root zone file system that allows you to buy and control tour own top level domain

DAPS - DAPSCoin - A privacy coin based off of BTC,PIVX,Monero, but better

ZEN - Horizen - another privacy coin. Not as good as DAPS technically, but more popular and easier to use.

XLM - Stellar Lumens - Basically Ripple without the problems :-)

SIA - Siacoin - decentralzed storage

I like coins associated with decentralizing the internet backbone

I like coins with masternodes because of passive income possibilities

I like XLM because it is targeted to financial system

I really like privacy coins because I think they are gonna eventually be crucial to avoid all of the worldwide governments crackdowns :-(

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ZEN and XLM has huge potential.

SIA has competition from Filecoin

I don't have patience for 4 years but the 5 coins would be LINK, XTZ, UNI, LEO, LTC.

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Great picks!

I would get 1,000 worth of index coin,1,000 worth LBI and 1,000 worth spi token and the rest I would see what the new Leo token is before I would spend the rest

I bought some INDEX other day. Need to buy more:)

No clue so it would be interesting to follow these comments. Hive/Leo is a no brainer. I'm starting to think that Bitcoin Cash will be the first mass adoption but not sure about investing. Seems to be what people will be using in developing countries.

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Crypto that empower developing countries have huge potential

Interesting question.

Grandaddy bitcoin - no brainer
CHSB (Swissborg) - for slow build return
POLS - for a chance at a defi 10x-100x
UTK - utrust is like paypal for crypto
ETH - have to go with ETH as well right now as it is about to pop off

Grandaddy bitcoin ?? lol

Bitcoin is only 12 years old. Fiat is 50 years old

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Fiat is 50 years old.

Money in the form of the gold standard has been around since before medieval times. But I think I know what you mean. Money printed by governments that has no physical peg is the biggest con in our modern world. I'm not sure it was 50 years though since the gold standard was deconstructed, and fiat currency as we know it came into being. Pretty recent though, definitely in the last 100 years. And it is already showing how weak, and unrealistic a system it is.

On April 5, 1933, Roosevelt ordered all gold coins and gold certificates in denominations of more than $100 turned in for other money. It required all persons to deliver all gold coin, gold bullion and gold certificates owned by them to the Federal Reserve by May 1 for the set price of $20.67 per ounce.


Public blockchains and their associated cryptocurrencies are the only option that doesn't allow the type of manipulation by government we see with fiat for sure. It looks like we are on the precipice of a global shift of power, and the beauty of it is all it takes is non violent participation by a majority of the world's population. Governments will follow if they can't control. But if government's get their own digital currencies issued before the majority of mainstream learn how to access and use public blockchain cryptos, the promise of freedom that public blockchain offers will be negated as they print their own digital money in the same way they've printed fiat whenever they see fit.

Interesting times ahead.

Hive Index

HIVE ... XMR... ETH.... BTC


I have already invested more than that to HIVE - AND HIVE is my only crypto investment.

We're HIVE Maximalists!


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I’d buy $5k Bitcoin & 3k Ethereum, 2k Link (safe, I know) but 💁🏻‍♂️

I would buy bitcoin cash, ethereum, ada, dot and theta.

Let's see.......

  • Hive
  • LEO
  • Few of the blockchain hedge fund type tokens we have on Hive-Engine
  • DEC
  • Dash

There's many others I could think of too. There's so many coins that could survive 5 years.Real question is about ROI 😎

Dash is a good one!

BITCOIN, Ethereum, Litecoin, Hive, Dec


I'd probably just park it all in BTC and ETH.

I do like BAT....Cardano is promising. But someone very wise once told me diversification only results in mediocrity ;)

diversification only results in mediocrity


Also No risk No return is true. So early investment in other crypto that are young will yield a higher return.

Coins that have function and aren't just exchange tokens. Things like hive and steem for sure. EOS eth and maybe waves.

I wouldn't personally invest in STEEM

You asked.

LINK,LEO and polkadot, I have some strong FOMO on them.
Hive future is strongly dependent on hive official second layer.

Can't agree more!

SMT is the game changer for HIVE

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Leo , Hive , TRX , LBI , 3SPEAK when it comes out.

HIVE Maximalist!

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