June 2021

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May 2021 is very unpredictable month for me personally.

I’ve maintained my focus with our collective Hive Twitter Marketing and avoided all distractions up until May this year. However last month was filled with lots of distractions.

I guess, DHF proposal number 170 not getting funded probably a fortunate event because my focus is shifted from hive to my personal life and my priorities have changed temporarily.

I’m currently prioritising dealing with my financial and family problems and it’s taking all my energy. I can’t no longer ignore these two main problems.

I’m always committed to Hive with long term mindset and taking required time to solve my personal problems and it will help me massively towards what I can personally do for our global Hive community in the years to come.

Happy June and hopefully I’ll be back with Hive with my full energy in next month.

Ps. I do check Telegram very often and I’ll be responding to Twitter DM’s this week and try to be active with Hive Twitter as much as I can during this month.

Thanks a Million

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Its important to give some time to personal life along with work. A break helps us to sort out things and glad to know that you are on it. Take your time brother and in June we can add more action to hive Twitter marketing.
Take care and stay safe brother.

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Thank you my Man.

Appreciate your continuous support.

I’ll be back with our community soon :)

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Personal matters should always be top priority no matter what! Take your time, hive will still be here waiting for you, you've already done an insane amount for hive as it is!

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Personal matters are huge distractions for my Hive journey and June will be busy month for me dealing with them.

Thank you for positive feedback mate.

Will be back with our community soon :)

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Glad to here you're prioritising financial and family problems. That's a big stress hanging over you as long as it's left unsorted.

Wishing you a peaceful and creative June.


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Appreciate your encouraging comment.

Can’t wait to fix my own problems before I can bring my attention and energy to our Hive community.

I wish you a peaceful and creative June too :)

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You have strong mind, this problems make you more stronger , when you fall get up and look up, are sun gets every morning up that means every morning gives new hope to see new ideas and solutions.

I have been also last years in mud lot, but I not let it stop me.
Every bad thing must end at some pont, so something new can begin.

Totally agree.

I’m grateful for the challenges that I faced up with right now and confident I will come out stronger!

And once the storm is over you won’t remember how you made it through, how you managed to survive. You won’t even be sure, in fact, whether the storm is really over. But one thing is certain. When you come out of the storm you won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what this storm’s all about.

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You deserve a break and have to focus on what matters. Hive is doing pretty good generally with more people joining up and lots of activity. The rest of us will keep talking it up on Twitter and elsewhere.


Appreciate your encouragement mate.

Focus is superpower and I’ll soon be able to bring my focus back to our Hive Twitter marketing.

I’m blessed with the love and support from our global hive community and power of decentralised hive network!

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I think we need some meetups over the summer to get people enthused. Maybe we can recruit more Hivers too.


Let’s make it happen!!

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Family is the most important thing. I'm a busy man myself at the moment and I need to spend more time with my family. We have to be strong now.👊✌️

Family First, Hive Second.

With my steem days I treated steem first, family second approach and that’s the main reason I quit steem. Now I have learned valuable lessons!

Can’t wait to be back with our community soon!

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Come back soon! I look forward to your next stories.

You doing ok my guy?

Good luck with everything going on man I hope it all goes okay and that you'll be all sound again soon! Big !LUV

Right on man and getting things taken care of means that you can help out in more areas and while you're on a vacation from logging just rest assured that curation rewards are a real thing.

Me and puppy dog both wished you success in both of your endeavors and hopefully you can get things sorted in the appropriate amount of time.

In the meanwhile we are still here hanging out!

Be well and it's awesome to hear you have goals, priorities and are achieving them.


Family is a priority! I feel your ausence! Hope you can solve your problems shortly...

Reach me if I can land you a hand!

Good luck with everything Nathan, glad to see you back!

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Please, June... Be better to us.

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Family comes first bro, you've got to prioritize family and do that you have to do. Hive will always be here.

It's been a rough one for me as well since March and hopefully by God's grace things should look better for me around August.

Keep well bro

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Thanks for continuing to make Hive awesome.

Thank you:)

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Thank you for the $BEER

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And thank you for what you do for Hive. You're really appreciated.

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It does me well to see the amount of love and support your getting from the Hive Twitter community Nathan!

I'm glad that you have your priorities right. This is, long term, the way to approach every endeavor.

Thank you for the quick little touch point.

I, and everyone else by the sounds of it, will be looking forward to when your focus returns to Hive... But until then please take care and take all the time you need to right the ship.

We are here for any support you may need.


P.S. I have had a messy May as well... So June is already looking to be a much better month for the both of us! The #HighFive Proposal is still very much on the front burner so look for that this month... 🙌

Come on and go full speed ahead. I wish you to resolve the problems you are facing now as quickly as possible




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Sometimes you have to do what you have to do. Just wanted to stop by and thank you for supporting my blog, means a lot to me. Hope all is going well.