My first HIVE AMA after becoming HIVE Witness as 20th weekly HiveChat. Starts on 12 GMT November 24th and last 48 hours exclusively with HIVETwitter.

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This week's HiveChat will be a HIVE AMA with me. You can ask me any questions via Twitter.

Just visit my pinned Tweet anytime within 48 hours from 12 GMT 24th November and type your questions below the Tweet. Very much looking forward to it.

Thank you team @hivechat and congratulations on reaching
Week number 20 of HIVEChat. I'll be extremely happy to see how HIVEChat evolves and become HIVE Witnesses/Dapp founders AMA and issues that we discussed turned into DHF proposal that get funded.

There is no point discussing ideas/feedbacks unless someone act on it and make things happen. HIVE needs more movers and shakers!

More details about upcoming HIVEChats


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Are you chat as HiveChat on Twitter?
Can I join your team?

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Yes. This will be our 20th weekly English HIVEchat.

You're certainly welcome to participate. Please reach out to @hivechat account on HIVE or Twitter.

I'm hosting this week and I've participated actively the first 12 #HiveChat then last 8 weeks was I got distracted by personal life. Getting ready to level up my HIVETwitter contribution :)

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