Should I start hosting HIVE Hangout weekly session on Clubhouse ?

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HIVE related Clubhouse events can bring huge value and help is grow HIVE Network effects.

I really suck at multitasking and don’t want to drift my focus away from HIVE Twitter.

However, I’m now seriously thinking about hosting weekly HIVE Meet-ups on Sunday on Clubhouse.

What’s your thoughts ?

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You got a Whatsapp message from me for the Clubhouse invitation.:)

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I had to download Whatsapp again for this because deleted Whatsapp and using Signal for more privacy

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don't have access to it, but it could be fun. record it and publish it.

If you have iPhone please send me your phone number via Twitter DM and I will; send you a invite :)

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don't have an iPhone. My phones are always cheap :D and a lot of the times weird

Count me in! I would be glad to participate.

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Thank you my Man!

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Not sure what clubhouse is but I might pop by one of these days.

Yes! and when I get an iPhone ill join you all!

Yes please.

Hopefully they'll have Android version soon.

Please let me know if you need an invite

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What's Clubhouse? This is the second time I've heard it mentioned today?

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Hahahaa.. I'm having a huge feeling that would be lovely. I heard its always fun and inspiring in there.
Hopefully if you do, then i can finally have a reason to get an iPhone then join Clubhouse 😄😅

I'm overthinking this..

Need to act so you can get an iPhone.

Hopefully Clubhouse android version will come out soon :)

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