Feedback wanted : HIVE Network Growth

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Community Driven, Results Focused, Hive Twitter Marketing (organised by @NathanMars)

See this as startup that trying solve the HIVE growth problem.
See me as a failed steem entrepreneur.
Listening to our community feedback daily via HIVE vlog/blog to continuously improve the framework until 1st May. Then it will be weekly update/AMA on HIVE about the execution progress.
From 1st May, Daily updates will be Twitter only to discuss execution strategies with our HIVE community on Twitter.


Ideas are shit, Execution is the game.


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HIVE Angels

Ruthlessly targeting 17 potential HIVE Investors/partnerships.

HIVE Hunters

Open to anyone to apply. DAO fund incentives.


Reallocating 250k HIVE Power delegations once a month to empower Twitter HIVE Shilling.
Frequent Twitter Giveaways/Gifts for Twitter Tasks to raise awareness of HIVE Network.
No longer checking Hive mentions.
Vote for my Witness
Vote for our DAO Proposal
Telegram for very important messages & calls.
Twitter DM for everything else.
Same Mars, Different Mindset. Focusing on HIVE Network Growth.


Initially I was wondering why incentives was needed for an action that would be a benefit to us all, but then I got to realize that incentives gives the drive to want to do more. It encourages one to want to put in more work and effort even when it's or isn't at ones comfort, and it is also a form of appreciating the little continual effort every individual contributes. I total agree with you on why we need the DAO Proposal funding.

I could remember asking my Boss last month why we were incentivise for doing the job (Real Estate Marketing) we signed up for, and his reply was "The company needs to grow, and the company's growth depends on the investors, and the only people who can bring in the investors are the marketers. If the marketers don't work, it would be rare to have investors come in to invest themselves, and when there are no investors the company remains dormant with no growth". He went further to make me understand that the marketers doesn't really get to loose much because they get paid based on commission for the investors they bring in. He said "Since the marketers fully knows that commissions are only being paid when investors are brought in, his/her mind would be clearly off receiving commission since he/she didn't bring in an investor. So, the reason I give incentives for every marketing you do is to encourage you to go want to go out to market every day of the week. Because it is easy for you to give up if you market for a whole month without getting any prospect. But I believe that with the incentives giving for every marketing you do, even though you don't get any prospect within a month, you'll still be encouraged to go out for marketing the next month".

Then I thought through and realized what he said was actually true. Because I've been working for his organization for over 8 months now and I've only brought in just one investor so far and I still find myself still actively participating in every marketing exercise. If it was that there was no incentive for every marketing exercise I go for I probably would have giving up and quited the job and concluded within myself that the business isn't profitable to me. A lot of people market Hive could feel this way too.

Marketing Hive to investors to is a serious business and community members need to be incentivise in any little way for marketing Hive. A shout out to them acknowledging their effort goes a long way. Honestly I was so happy the evening I got a shout out from you. I was encouraged to shill Hive the more. If Hive didn't have a community won't the team employ individuals to market the brand Hive? Honestly I think I should give it a shot and try writing a blog post on why our Community Driven Marketing DAO Proposal needs to be voted for 😂. I felt I didn't have what it takes to pitch a reason why we need the funding, but now it seems I've got all it takes to do so 🤣

Ruthlessly targeting 17 potential HIVE Investors/partnerships.

Okay, I'm also thinking the smaller the better. Since we don't know/have the right and perfect strategy yet to convince investors on why they should invest in Hive, we can work with a smaller number of targeted investors just like the 17 you've chosen to work with, so then we can boldly try and fail with this 17 investors, but as we do so we would be collecting data that would help us re-strategize on how we can successfully convince the next set of targeted investors. Although I'm believing we won't fail with all 17 investors. But we can only get to know by trying something first and then if it doesn't yield the best result we get amend the approach and make correction wherever we got it wrong with the previous investors.

Honestly, I don't think we can over think the execution process than to take a first approach in trying something. I'm believing we will achieve our goal in bringing one or two investors when we begin executing.

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The universe is rigged in such a way that if you just want one thing, and you focus on that, you'll get it, but everything else you gotta let go.

Targeting only 17 potential HIVE investors/partnership is the key.

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Definitely!! We gotta let go of the distractions and just focus only on our goals 😎

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Saw your name at Lunar Crush as a Hive influencer. You are doing great work and is being noticed. Would be pretty cool to see how we could influence the ranking on the site.

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I don't want to take any credit because it's not solo effort.

It's our collective efforts and it's just the beginning!

Thank you for sharing!

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Totally agree it being a collective effort but also great to see you mentioned as a Hive influencer. I am hoping you can use the data here to kind of put a planned attack together to see how it impacts on the figures. Would be great to try a test run and just see.

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I appreciate all the work that you do to make HIVE known to more potential users.

Link to vote for @cranium as a witness

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17 seems a good number of investors to bring here on Hive and this plan works then its going to add lots of value to the Hive ecosystem.
well said that we are shilling the Hive on Twitter and we need to have 17 names on the list whom we are going to contact or meet. I think the recent Twitter contest can help us get some names of investors. Thanks for sharing it brother.

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First investors is always the hardest!

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