What are the two things that our HIVE can Fix quickly for much higher HIVE price ?

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Today is is the Day 3 of HIVEFix. The Creative Process is a Messy Business..

My answer to the question is.

  1. New Exchange Listing
  2. Power Down period reduction to 5 weeks with HF25


Longterm game is positive sum. We’re all baking the $HIVE pie together. We’re trying to make it as big as possible.

Thank you everyone who're continuing to give feedbacks/suggestions/ideas to improve our HIVE Network. Please share new ideas or adjustments to your current suggestions. Let's discuss ideas transparently. Prioritise what need to be fixed first then take actions.

HIVE Fix Day 1 Blog
HIVE Fix Day 2 Blog

We need to collectively make our HIVE Network more community driven, more decentralised. There are many protocols/projects/investors will be ready to collaborate with us only if we can saw that our HIVE has all the right ingredients and it's heading in the right direction.

We need to have skin in the HIVE network and it has to be backed with contributions, stake and long term commitment. The reasons why community members are pointing out the things that HIVE need to improve is because they truly care about the future of HIVE. Daily HIVEFix will aggregate community feedbacks from HIVE Blockchain and HIVETwitter.

I don't do Discord, Slack or Telegram. Only HIVE and Twitter. I prefer open discussions and transparent communications wherever possible. So please share your feedback, suggestions, critics in the comment section or on HIVETwitter and I'll add to my daily HIVEFix Blog with LeoFinance. It's not about me, it's about us and our HIVE.

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Screenshot 20201130 at 17.28.03.png

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Microsoft shift from a hated old company to a newly beloved big tech (by its own employees) started with Steve Ballmer shouting "developers, developers, developers, developers...".
This is what Hive needs. To attract the best developers. The rest will come.

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I like that. If witnesses were voted on by active users only, do you think that would help bring in more developers, you know, something like @brettpullen suggests just above?

I raised an opinion for the values priority but yes, @brettpullen gave a practical action that could be very helpful.

We have some of the best developers that crypto has to offer already. No lack there.

What I mean is if @nathanmars who is a great supporter of #hive wants to strength the currency, the energy should be directed to the developers effort. Make the dev more visible, more popular, and the Hive developers more engaged. Bring developers from linkedin, not fast earners from twitter. Show the potential of the creation and the ideal of the decentralized social rewarding network.
And also publish the brilliant developers that deserve the credit.

Thank you for this!

Bringing more developers to HIVE would be one of our top priority!

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Yeah. The idea of working together would be extremely positive for everyone, not to mention how much more we might also accomplish!

We have to remember that a decentralized organization is something new. We can market that this is the new form of the future. Like Linux opensource, the hive developers should earn some glory, and with glory will follow mass. With the mass we will evolve and the value will rise.

No doubt the platform is a fine creation. I am not sure Microsoft attracted the best as the best are never selling out.
I think the battle is to gain most. Kind of like hashing power. Sometimes its brute force.

Of everything I've read here, I think making votes for witness expire is the most important. This is drive a lot of competition for those top 20 spots, and a lot of development will be the result.

Some of the complaints about the onboarding might be dated as well. Khal is doing great making the onboarding better than ever on Hive, with LEO.

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I agree on both counts, and would add fixing the curation curve (like they also did on LeoFinance.)

making votes for witness expire is the most important

Khal is doing great making the onboarding better than ever on Hive, with LEO.

Noted dude!

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  1. We should burn 50% of DAO funds (or at least everything that's not from Steemit Inc's stake)
  2. We should reduce author & curation rewards by at least 30-50%.
  3. Downvotes should burn rewards instead of returning them to the reward pool
  4. Power down to 4 -6 weeks
  5. Witness vote decay after 1 year

I agree with everything.

Let's push this changes with HF25

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Steem's current 4 week model was said to induce a massive crash in price, but it has been outperforming HIVE in the exchanges every single day except maybe two since the 'zero-day' drop. Only for a few days was HIVE above STEEM after the initial launch pump. And it was barely. I'm all for a powerdown length reduction. I think it would give people more comfort knowing they don't have to lock it up for over 3 months and would be much more likely to buy it to HODL. Those 5 weeks are also just beyond the current 30 day window for witness voting for a new account. Wait, was that added in HF24? I read somewhere it was, maybe I'm wrong, but either way, it gives people ample enough time to get in and get out if they so choose, without burning their buns on an investment.



There is a company behind STEEM and they've exchanges in their side. So I wouldn't compare the short term price.

That being said, HIVE is under community control and we must work together identifying areas where HIVE need to FIX. I'm all for a power down length reduction too!

current 30 day window for witness voting for a new account. Wait, was that added in HF24? I read somewhere it was

I will find the answer for you :)

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New exchange listing....Fixed Hive maximum Supply of 800 million when the supply will increase there should be burn hive program for each transaction, post, comment upvote. Make HBD as a true stable coin like USDT. Promote monthly hivepud event sharing with 2 million hive power delegation and 100k liquid hive. Need to support the all quality contents especially to the newcomers and investors. Finally need a decentralized Instagram like HiveGram.... Hive On❤

Fixed Hive maximum Supply

It's something I was thinking lately too.

Like $BAT, HIVE can do something to Fix max supply

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Absolutely right. Even hive should create some advertisement on Brave browser. We need lot of promotion and partnership. We are still early social blockchain....this is the best time to build a big network as centralized platform did 15 years before.

We need to fix Peoples perception that the price needs fixing, Price is fine. price is doing what it's meant to. It's reacting with the market. We need more users, more uses, more everything. Which is exactly what is happening on a daily basis, tons of projects constantly building..

We need more users, more uses, more everything.

I certainly agree. However upward price movements can only bring more people to HIVE.

Also we must understand the Crypto market is mostly controlled by speculators and centralised exchanges. Market is controlled by fear and greed of people.

From my personal view the powe rdown period must be reduced to make more people to stake HIVE and this will allow HIVE to become more decentralised and community driven

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I can agree on the power down needing to be a bit shorter. 4-5 weeks seems good and still keeps the existing security effect in place.
This would also make it more appealing for people who want to use have as a secondary income like those from economically challenged countries, As they would be able to withdraw more HIVE faster to buy their food and pay bills etc.

Coupled with already being worked on stuff like RC delegations, governance fixes. Everything is already ear marked for fixes in the next hardfork subject to community debate of course.

I’d say:

1: More integration into the real world, especially commerce.
2: Front ends that are useful, more tool driven, rather than socially driven.
3: (if I may be so bold as to add a third suggestion) pushing for Keychain or HivePass to be used to login to third party sites like we can with Facebook and Google accounts.

Thank you for this brother!

I love the 3rd one. HIVE needs to make some bold decision otherwise we're not innovating

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Proper tokenomics. A good model to look at is Synthetix protocol (SNX).

Create positive feed back loops to on token price instead of negative selling pressure. Escrowed time-locked rewards are absolutely necessary & token rewards on ad revenue.

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Thank you for providing your feedback man!

Just looking at SNX now..

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I think four weeks power down is the sweet spot. Maybe even having an instant power down available at some costs of course would do the job, but 13 is way too much. In crypto things can go wild in days and having lots of money locked for 13 weeks doesn't feel nice at all.

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13 is way too much

Can't agree more!

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You're not the only one...fortunately.

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Power Down period reduction to 5 weeks with HF25

I'm not an expert, but that wouldn't hurt the platform.

Could you help me with more information about that idea?

I don't know, reducing it to 5 weeks, I think it would affect the value of the currency, I mean people by getting their HIVE faster, they would exchange it even faster for BTC or another currency.

I repeat, I am not an expert, I would like you to explain a little more about what would be the advantage in reducing the shutdown time.

First of all, Thanks.

This is what I found on https://wallet.hive.blog/faq.html#What_is_powering_up_and_down

What is powering up and down?
Powering up - If you have HIVE tokens, you can Power Up to Hive Power to get more voting influence on posts and comments. Having more Hive Power also increases the amount of curation rewards and new vested tokens that you can earn. More HP also grants more influence on approving Hive witnesses.

Powering down - If you have Hive Power, you can power down to turn it into liquid HIVE over a period of time. The system will transfer 1/13 of your Hive Power to HIVE each week for about three months (13 weeks), starting 1 week from the time it is started. However, you will lose your influence in the network proportionally to how much is powered down, so think about it carefully. Power downs can be stopped at any time.

5 weeks power down will certainly allow people to release the staked HIVE faster and It's also encourage more people to power up. Specially new investors.

Hope this helps

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Perfect, I already have a clearer idea.

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