Who are some of the awesome HIVE or LEO community members I should follow on Twitter ? Giving away $HIVE tips for recommendations.

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I do follow almost every single HIVE community members on Twitter.

I wouldn’t be on Twitter if it wasn’t for growing HIVE Network effects.

Please tell me if I miss following any of our community members on Twitter.

Thank you 🙏

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Well, despite that you may have them all, I would go with all that build stuff in here, from khal and the leofinance account,to the dans, the one called so and blocktrades, tribe pullers like Jon-G or well know peps like whatsup.... got to catch them all like on pokemons, but now we call it hivemons

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Together we rise with HIVE

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I would be surprised if there are many you don't follow, but it will be interesting to see in someone can find any.

Keep up the great work.


Thanks mate!

We're doing this together :)

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Morning sensei. Will share you Some on Twitter. Regates!

Cheers !

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