Hap-PUD New Year! Anyone Else Increasing Their Stake?

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Happy New Year folks, let's hope 2021 is a great year for everyone and that the crypto bull run continues long in to the year! As it's the 1st of the month, I've been seeing a few keen Leo posts about the Power Up Day initiative run by the Queen of Good Juju @traciyork so thought I'd join the merriment again!

Traci has pretty much taken this initiative to the next level with help from @hivebuzz and the Spanish community adding to the overall experience and fun of the day. If you meet certain criteria then you may qualify for some really great prizes where LOADS of HP is up for grabs to various winners - well worth getting involved in - more information can be found on her post here! Be sure to read it but you have until the end of 1st to get involved - here's a look at the prizes on offer!


I don't qualify for the prizes but I like the fun aspect of it all and catching up with people who also stake for that lovely compound growth! Anyway, here's my stake on it all, focusing on HIVE and LEO.



I power up pretty much every day anyway but always keep some in reserve in the days building up to the 1st so I can maximise my chances of getting the level 5 big bastard @hivebuzz power bee badge! Also, with the prices of HIVE staying low in terms of £ value at 8.5p and even lower at 420 sats (great number) when I bought some the other day, I thought I might as well buy some up cheaply to make the requirements for the badge:


Getting HIVE HENCH baby!

This brings my total HP to:


Not going to lie, didn't think I'd even get to Orca at one point when I started here nearly 3 years ago but chipping away each day with some posts, buying up here and there and the prices dropping like a stone (read in to that what you will), I managed to get to the level I wanted. Whether I'll continue to buy up HIVE this year is another matter - I feel like 60k is "enough" now and it will just grow anyway!

However, with a potential airdrop on the horizon for staked HIVE tokens with 3Speak, it was another motivation to make it past 60k, I start getting a little twitchy when I'm close to a round figure haha! I will use some of my stake to delegate to communities to help them grow whilst getting some of their tokens in return - more on that in another post.


With the excess HIVE I had left over, I decided to buy more LEO with it and "Dam Son", the price has shot up in the last few days to nearly 2.5x the price of HIVE! I believe this is to do with a coming airdrop for another Leo based token and we all know airdrop frenzy is a real thing but what the hey, might as well buy it up and stake it anyway!

I have to say, I'm enjoying being on Leo and seeing the regular updates from the official accounts, all the developments going on and having fun writing about crypto in the last few months - the engagement on posts have been like no other! This is how things should be in my opinion - 2021 is going to be incredible for LEO if they keep this up!

I added another 69 (hey heyyyy) LEO to my stake:


Which brings my LEO power to:


My aim is to try and get to 1,500 LP by the end of Jan 2021 and from there... not really sure! One step at a time! I could already have been really close to getting there but I decided to send 200 LEO to LBI whilst it's still 1:1 in the initial start up period. I have been informed that they might be keeping it like this until the end of Jan 2021 but after that, the prices will start going up (if not sooner) - more information over at @lbi-token!

And that's it from me! How about you? Are you PUD-ing today? Have you got any crypto goals for 2021? Let me know in the comments below!

Stake it easy


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Congratz on hitte 60K brother! Thats a massive goal :D!

Also do you just send Leo from HE to the LBI account via HE to get LBI?

Yeahhh! Thanks man! I now have no more HIVE goals so we'll see what happens in 2021 haha!

As for LBI, I do it from my LeoFinance wallet. I just find it a bit easier for some reason but haven't tried with hive-engine so I don't know if that works!

Send however much LEO you want to @lbi-token - no memo required.

Then a couple of hours later, they'll send you LBI at a ratio of 1:1. It's currently manually done so could be sooner than that!

Then all you do is hold! I don't think any payments have been sent out yet, probably in the next few weeks we first start seeing it so will be interesting to see how it goes!

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You can always go for 100k Hp by then end of 2021 ;)


LOL! That's a crazy amount but let's come back to this comment in December 31st and see how I've got on :D

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Ye it might be a bit crazy, but it isn't a goal if its easy ;)

Sure haha

Haha, well that's true! I would have said getting to 2,020km by the end of 2020 through a combination of running and hiking was completely crazy but I did it in the end so anything is possible!

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OKayOkay. Thats crazy to me haha!

I want to get in better shape in 2021, so I start by hitting 10K daily now thats the goal! I do hit it fairly often, but it would be neat to focus on it to be sure and often workouts :D

Lol! Yeah definitely the craziest challenge I've done fitness wise and I've done marathons before! Great goal to get in shape and hitting 10k daily is impressive man! You only need to do that for 202 days and you'd have got to 2,020 km #justsaying :P

I'm going to keep running and hiking when I can, it's nice that it doesn't have to be every day now :D Would like to get to 100 push ups and abdominal crunches/sit-ups non-stop and/or doing a sub 20 minute 5km run... my best is 22 minutes 40 seconds.

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Here I am dawdling along in go slow mode now reality check it's the first of the month, Happy New Year Nicky, thanks for the reminder...

You sound super chuffed and so you should be, new year new ideas and ambitions keep going!

@tipu curate

Haha, I would love to have a slow mode Joan! Maybe I can squeeze some in this weekend before things really take off again on 4th (back to work boooooo)! Happy New Year to you too Joan! Keep me informed if you post, I'll swing by when I can!

I'm just trying to keep optimistic and look to the future, beyond the current situation - maybe completing the 2020km challenge has lifted a big weight, along with 3 other projects coming to an end! Let's keep those positive vibes going as best we can!

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Not that I have any desire to slow down, our internet connection forces me to go at snails pace.... However I did manage a HivePUD today since I really believe in investing into ones own future.

You and Traci keep chatting about Leo Finance, I listened to HiveFest and enjoyed what they offer, have now returned subscribed on Hive and will take a look into what the platforms project is in time.

Slowly nailing it I hope... Have an awesome day!

Yes, I have the same belief as well - something that gets overlooked by many but you have to have the vision for something that's not there yet, a challenge in itself!

Ah I missed HiveFest this time on the VR but yeah LeoFinance is worth looking in to if you have any ideas for posts about finance, crypto, investing, even your HIVE PUD posts too. Definitely making big developments and 2021 looks to be an exciting year!

Will swing by your PUD post now!

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Blockchain is exciting, once you grasp the concept, it should be shared not held on any one computer logically, having to be cleared before passed via numerous checks and balances it could alter many aspects in life.

Working with the power of one, it is divisible in finance making the end result of any crypto project profitable, if thinking 'outside of the box' more valuable. No matter the number of tokens put into market as long as they hold steady and on course, offer something people need, this will open up to people no matter where they live.

Exciting times!

Yeah that one point of failure is a little worrying even if things are covered by other "authorities" e.g. Financial Conduct Authority here in the UK.

Very exciting times! I can't wait to see how the year shapes up!

I will make a post later today for sure :)
Happy new year and happy super power up day. It's funny how you have powered the amount of HP today that is equal to my total HP. One day, one day for me. 😇

Awesome man! Looking forward to reading it, feel free to tag me, I'll be in and out of online activity, also have a music release out so need to do a post about that as well haha!

And no worries man, I know how you feel and I used it as inspiration in my early days to grow my account little by little - you will get there too and I look forward to the day you do!

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We're neighbours in the Hive rankings, a little healthy competition for 2021!

Wonder if we'll get to 100K?

I actually hope not because they only thing that's going to stop us is a significant increase in the Hive price - personally I'd rather be stuck on 60K something and see Hive go to $5!

Happy new Year!

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Hahaha, well said and ditto!

I'm sure you'll probably overtake me as I'm not planning on buying any more now I reached the 60k mark, was getting a bit itchy when at 59,500 - with PUD happening, was a good reason to buy up at bargain basement prices! Let's hope it pays off and we see "lovely loft conversion" prices (or whatever the opposite of bargain basement is) haha!

Happy new year to you too mate!

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I'm just slowly adding to my powered up hive as I can...
I'm up to a bit over 8100 HP now with about 40 or so hive available. I save my HBI until I can get a favorable deal in a swap with hive, and then I trade it. Once I get enough free hive to hit the next 100 HP, I usually power it up.

That's the way to do it mate! Little by little adding to the pot! Sounds like you have a good strategy going there too, 100 is a nice amount to power up 💪

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I did my HivePUD (and it was a big one). Also, I did some LeoPUD.

Starting 2021 with a bang!

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Yeahhhhh buddy! Get that badge! Nice one on the LEO too, looks like it's in high demand right now!

Let's get this party started!

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60k is impressive but it's no 100k though is it?
That just has a far sweeter ring to it.

You had to say it didn't you! Haha! That's a long way away yet, I'll be happy with the next 10k milestone but if HIVE somehow manages to go on a run, it will be difficult not to take a little bit out! In the meantime, at bargain basement prices, I'll power on!

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Somebody had to lay down the challenge. 😁
I know it was sitting there on the edge of your mind so this was just that little bit of motivation to get started.

Haha, it's still another 40% to go but we'll see how the next 12 months goes, I might get itchy feet again, we'll see! But was on 59,500 and just had to cheat my way up to 60k lol!

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You're just ahead of me in the HP ranks. Maybe I can catch you up this year. I'm not spending on much else so may as well get a little extra HIVE whilst it's cheap. I'd like to buy more, but can't justify it for now. Anyway, I hope we will see things take off this year.


I'm sure you'll catch me, I'm not planning on spending any more on HIVE for a while, just had to get over the 60k HP mark, I was getting twitchy at being around 59,500 haha! Funny (or sad) that ~£70 can get you close to 1k HP at the moment - coincided quite nicely with PUD!

Yeah man, fingers crossed this year things start coming up trumps for HIVE!

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Hey @nickyhavey, here is a little bit of BEER from @steevc for you. Enjoy it!

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