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If you're like me and looking for ways to get your Hive Power working a bit more for you, aren't around as much to vote on content as you'd like to be or looking for some return from all those times you bought HIVE and powered up for PUD, then you may think about delegating some (or all) of it to various projects around the Hive blockchain that can put it to better use. You will usually be rewarded in one way or another, whether it's more HIVE or tokens relating to that project.

In a time where so many people are trying to build their own communities here, it seems a good time for those with excess HP to help support the projects to create accounts and onboard more users, support content that's published on their community or build a stake in that token too. So I thought I'd put together a quick list of projects that I know of that offer a return should you wish to do delegate to them.

List of Projects to Delegate To:

@ocdb - "Curation and onboarding of OC Creators" and provides support to various communities/niches. You receive liquid HIVE at a rate of ~8.25% APR - full website here

@curangel - "Curation serving everyone". You receive liquid HIVE at a rate of ~10% APR - full website here

@leo.voter - "Curating content that is posted natively from and paying delegators in our token, LEO." - You receive liquid LEO at a rate of ~16% APR - full website here.

@ctpsb - "A tribe of affiliate marketers, online businesses and entrepreneurs." - You receive liquid CTP at a rate of ~16.9% APR - full info here.

@dlux-io - "Decentralized Limitless User eXperiences" - building a decentralised version of Hive-Engine - You receive DLUX tokens, APR unknown but these are valued at 1:1 to HIVE - full info here


There are leases available where you can delegate your Hive Power for a liquid HIVE return over at the dlease marketplace. The APR varies depending on what's available but it averages between 12-14%, sometimes you get more but depends on how well you time your log in! You just need to do a little more digging on who you're leasing to to make sure the account is in line with what you want your HP to be used for.

And that's all I have at the moment! If you run a project and accept HP delegations but and don't see it on this list, please let me know which account people can delegate to, what the project does and what perks are available for delegating and I'll update it!

I'm sure there's a few more out there but these are the ones I know of and have used previously or currently!

Are you delegating to any of these projects or leasing your HP? Do you delegate to any other projects that I've not mentioned here? Let me know in the comments below!

Take care


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Excellent idea putting Hive back into working for you Nicky. Will share I am sure a good reminder for many, self included, have a great day.

Thanks Joan! Yeah you might as well get it working for you. I'm keeping some back for voting on content myself now but keeping a percentage out for delegation to various projects. Forever experimenting with it here!

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Keeping in eye open to new ideas, also an eye on older ones you already involved in takes a concerted effort of a day set aside to do another check, both delegations and witnesses something we tend to put aside.

Always keep voting power up, I switched off all auto votes toward the end of last year. Electing to find interesting blogs to read and share.

Let us know your hidden secrets when revealed to you 😀

Yeah there's a lot to get lost in with HIVE but I guess it is a brand new world here! I've done the same as you with turning off auto votes (I think)! If I see a post and like it, then I'll vote on it!

If I find anything more out, I'll be sure to share!

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Plenty to learn and do on Hive blockchain, hopefully more arrive and stay to enjoy what is on offer.

Time will tell with many tokens (too many) which will stand and which will fall.

Great list! I have just delegated to a couple of these in the past couple of weeks. I also delegate to the 10k minnows project. There is no return that I know of, but it helps smaller users grow.

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No worries man! Glad you found it useful, if you know of any more, let me know and will update the list! Ah yeah the 10k minnows is a good one. I think there's a curation trail going if I remember correctly so if you wanted, you could always follow the trial and then you'd be able to grow your stake that way whilst still supporting small users.

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Thanks a lot for featuring the @ctpsb project. Appreciate it :-)

You got it man! Hope you get a few more delegations and support coming your way!

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That's awesome and good to know for these (like me) who are not updated with the current nice projects running up out there! I just delegated 500 HP to each @curangel and @leo.voter and increased my delegation to @ocdb and @pinmapple up to 500HP for each also! I love supporting great people and projects and I hope in the future I'll be able to delegate even more!

That's great little sister! You will start to see a little bit more tokens coming in to your balance now! There are some great projects out there - I'm sure I've missed some too!

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Can't wait seeing everything in action lol, because this will contribute on making my 2021 goal to become an orca process faster... I hope haha :)

You'll catch me up in no time little sister haha! Go geddit 🐬

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Thanks! It is good to know, nobody knows when we need.

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No worries, happy delegating!

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Thank you!

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Don't forget xhaust! - I get some good payouts from them.

Ah yeah xhaust! Is there an account you can delegate to for them for a return?

Yep, there definitely is! @exhaust

i use leo voter which i have delegated around 4k HP and ctpsb in which i have delegate 1000 ctp!

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Nicely done! Always good to support some projects and get something back in my opinion! Everyone wins!

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i agree it's a win win situation and the best thing is that you can support projects with potential!

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Thanks for continuing to make Hive awesome.