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RE: Convenience Can Come At A Cost Fake Uniswap App Stealing Investors Crypto

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Scams exist everywhere, web 2, web3, web1, web-1, telephone, email, shit, even letters! But you're right, the onus with the crypto scene has always been on ownership and there isn't a lot anyone can do if you a) lose your keys or b) authorise a transaction out of your account.

But even point b) to an extent isn't going to be covered by the bank because if you authorise a payment to a scammer, you're not guaranteed to get it back from the bank. As with everything, keeping your wits about you, if it sounds too good to be true, it likely is and always listen to that cautious voice/gut instinct!

Oh, and don't lose your keys or give them out to anyone!

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Yeah I think credit card fraud is mostly covered but if you EFT’d something to someone and they didn’t deliver you’re shit out of luck!

It’s going to be interesting to see how people handle not being able to blame anyone else but themselevs no banks to hide behind, lol snowflakes are going to have a tough time

Haha, I guess those flakes will be in the "late adopter" phase then!

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