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RE: V2 P2 Release Notes | 21 Minutes of Development Updates

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Wow, a 42,000 word update...?! That's bigger than what my PhD thesis was! If the chain goes down when that's posted, I'll know why haha!

I've noticed a few of these updates here and there as I've logged in mostly every day - definitely liking the curator's picks

I've been wondering how many people actually utilize this page as I believe it's one of the easiest ways to just find and filter for good content that you know doesn't suck.

Totally agree with this and I use this page a LOT - I rarely go any further than the top banner and leave a few comments on the posts. Definitely appreciate that quick and easy access to the good stuff!

Interesting to hear about the new app - I guess you mean a mobile app or is that website app? And the exchange not on Hive sounds intriguing... I'll stay tuned for the thesis that's coming up haha

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