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RE: Life update: When fate fucks you in every possible way...Seems like giving your 100% every single day is just not enough.

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This is a very sad story that is probably told very often these days. Your business-concept with the coffee-shop associated with a public park seems to be sound and your initial growth seems to prove that. Of course under a pandemic scenario, this is no longer true. The tragedy here is, that most probably things will normalize over time, people will still going into the park and drink coffee. As you have found the way to HIVE, an additional tragedy may be that it is still too early and that the full potential of this platform has not been put into effect. At the moment everybody here is looking to invest in a sound business idea but unfortunately, that is narrowed to the crypto world or to the digital world at best. I think it may not take very long until the money is searching for real-world projects to diversify. There are a lot of regulations (stabilizing the old system) in the real world that has impose a legally risk and have to be taken into account. They need to be changed or even we have to get rid of them to expand to the real world business and do something like... Tokenize your Coffeeshop and sell shares to the public or to one of the investment clubs (@Spinvest, @Brofund, CTP) around here. A couple of years from now we may see exactly this, and a business that finds people that risking a small amount of money to save it and get something in exchange over time, will be rescued by these people and will not depend on the risk-assessment of one guy and his tools in a bank office. Sad that this time still some months away.
Thank you for your open words and to share your story.

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Till we get there...

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