What is required to link Crypto to the "Real Wold" Economy?

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Today a read a post from @mindtrap that made me sad, but even more made me thinking...
A lot of smaller buisnesses are going bankrupt at the moment due to the Lockdown and the resulting inability to meet customers and sell products. A Lockdown is a "Black-Swan-Event" for all businesses that are build on direct (face-to-face) customer interaction, and therefore is most propably not covered in any riskmedigation plan or insurence. Althought things are looking bad today, it is highly possible that the Lockdown will not take forever, and that things will normalize over time. The buisnessmodels will again find their customers - at least for the ones that survived. It is really sad that the people taking the risk of running their own business are too often the looser of this game. This kind of scenario helped to transferred the value to the top of the pyramid for ages.

"The way to make money is to buy when blood is running in the streets." John D. Rockefeller

Crisis was and is the main shopping time for investors. During the next months a lot of value may change hands as a lot of people are forced to sell their buisiness. The question is, is there already the possibility that the new economy we are trying to build here, could participate in that? to be successful in the long term, Crypto need to diversify into real-world-assets and the question is, when and how thisis going to happen.

Could a community like HIVE, or LEO, or @Spinvest or @Brofund own a real world business?

What is needed to do that? Do we need to found a company or a foundation to appoint somebody to sign off contracts? Or are there other possibilities? Are there ideas around how we could manage trust to the real world starting from our trustless digital world. We may tokenize everything outside, but how are we going to ensure the correct distribution of real-world revenues once they come in? Maybe you have some ideas that you like to discuss in the comment section. I am looking forward to your reply.

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Surely a good idea to create values outside of the chain and display the value in Hive and their Tokens.
But in most cases Tokens would need a higher market value. And hive-engine would have to become less vulnerable to price manipulation.

Thank you for your comment. That is right and of course the values that are around are not enough to buy into a midsize business at the moment. However, value of tokens may rise, and opportunities to buy may grow, so it would be nice to know a way to realize it. That is the sweet spot - How to buy into a bussines as a crypto-community. I see no clear answer to that at the moment...

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