GooglePay $21 signup bonus with referral link! Get your free Jackson now! Dec. 31 deadline.

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GooglePay $21 referral bonus!

The new Google Pay app brings new ways to manage your funds and exchange money between friends, but it also has a powerful rewards offering.

Now, Google is boosting some rewards in the new Google Pay to $21 through the new year.

From now until December 31, select rewards in the new Google Pay app are being upgraded.

First, that includes direct referrals, which have jumped from just $5 to a whopping $21 any time you bring a new user to the app.

The reward gives both the referrer and the recipient $21 when the new user spends at least $1 using Google Pay. One person can refer up to 10 people to claim up to $210.

To take advantage of this offer, you must use a referral link! If not, you are not eligible for the $21 bonus.

Open the link below on your mobile device to get started!

I always take offers of free money!


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