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RE: Life update: When fate fucks you in every possible way...Seems like giving your 100% every single day is just not enough.

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Man, that's rough. So sorry to hear that. I'm sure this story is pretty common these days sadly. Many have had their businesses wrecked because of this COVID crap.

I wish I had a larger upvote to help you out a bit. I've been struggling myself. Seems like a lot of us are recently.

Best you can do is keep your head up and keep moving forward. Even if it feels like you can't, you just have to. More opportunities will come and you'll bounce back I'm sure.

And sorry to hear about the breakup. I imagine that the whole situation put a ton of stress on the relationship. :(

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More than a ton actually, but it is what it is. I am grateful for other stuff. Thanks for dropping by

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