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I have been in the crypto scene for about two and a half years and I can comfortably say I have not suffered any major losses. A lot of people are taken aback by this fact.

The other thing most people are surprised about when I tell them is that I don't trade. I have never played the market. It is not my forte. I do not have the emotional and mental stamina to play with my money that way.

“So how do you make money off this thing if you don’t trade?” they ask. I find this question funny and it also highlights how little I know about crypto. So you can imagine the look on people’s faces when I reveal what I do to earn crypto.

I was telling a friend a couple of months back how possible it was to earn close to $100 from creating videos on 3speak and she blatantly called me a liar. She did not care to verify the information because it was inconceivable to earn that much from vlogging from an unknown platform.

We have a lot of people who still have this same mindset regarding crypto. They cannot wrap their heads around the idea that people are becoming millionaires overnight because their reality doesn’t match that fact.

I have had to adjust my thinking when I got into this space. I was exposed to a world I was unfamiliar with and had to learn. So while many are in doubt about this space people like you and I are making the best out of it.


There are several things you can do to earn crypto. I advise most newbies to follow this path of earning because it is better for their crypto education. You don’t just throw money at something you barely understand. This is the fastest way to get rekted.

Blogging is one of the easiest ways to get into crypto with zero financial cost. There are several platforms and forums out there to join. I will recommend leofinance and hive.

Also, NFTs is the new rave which opens a window for creatives to explore. Here on hive we have the nftshowroom. You can put out your art and earn from its purchase

If you are not interested in making money, which I doubt, there is a lot of cool stuff you can explore. I use crypto for everything. For example, my favourite browser, brave, earns me crypto for clicking on ads.

The point I am trying to make is that you can explore the crypto sphere without gambling with your money which I see a lot of people do these days. Don’t fall for get-rich-quick schemes. There is a handful of them in the crypto sphere.

I make a living from writing blogs like this one. I am sure other talented individuals are trying to break through elsewhere on the internet but here I am living the dream. The crypto sphere offers a lot of opportunities, you just need to explore more and find a space that suits you.

We all cannot be traders, but we can be writers, vloggers, influencers, gamers, etc within this growing industry. The choice is yours and you can make it now.

I am inviting you to join the leofinance platform where you can learn more about the exciting things happening in the crypto space. With a few clicks, you can set up an account and be part of this awesome community.

Also, I suggest you join leomarkettalk. It is an active sub-community of crypto enthusiasts.

So I look forward to seeing you join the leofinance community. Get started; get acquainted. Cheers!

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I was telling a friend a couple of months back how possible it was to earn close to $100 from creating videos on 3speak and she blatantly called me a liar.

I won't really blame her, I felt it was too good to be true at first, until I joined and started experiencing the reality.

The fact that you don't have need to trade is the amazing aspect. Getting rewards for, what we do everyday since Facebook started and has never been and has never been paid once, who won't get amazed??

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Getting rewards for, what we do everyday since Facebook started

That's the amazing part of it. Knowing that you can be on social media and make money while having fun and seeing the world from the eyes of different people

Especially from this part of the world, where we are deprived from the tiniest piece of our right, we beg for God read, good education system, electricity supply, we even beg for the right to leave and not be molested.

Now when someone walks up to you and say, you can earn up to 100 dollars for creating a post /blog, what will t ink of the person, knowing how many months some people have to work before earning that type of money.

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May God help us

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it is said that many think earning that much is unrealistic. how many of us have been conditioned for hardship, it is sad. i am glad I found this place--i am glad we found this place. our orientation has changed.

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I don't trade. I have played the market

this is the key of success in trading
Do not put yourself in a stress

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lol i am stress adverse. like our ancient philosophers would say, '...know thyself.' jump on every trend is detrimental to your success. we all need to know the areas where we thrive and continue to grow in those areas

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