Litecoin: Cheaper Way to enter the world of Cryptocurrency

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Peace Hive,

How are you doing at the end of this month of May. We have witnessed since the month started many green waves on the altcoins market, but it has changed quite fast within the last few days. I wish my portfolio had many tokens categorized as altcoins when the highest prices occurred on the various charts. Although many new members of the crypto sphere missed the accumulation of most cryptocurrencies, multiple windows have appeared since the red candles dominate the market. We still have the opportunity to learn about their technological evolution but also prices on the market to acquire more tokens at the cheapest price.


Litecoin project has been operational for more than three years now. The variations of the price on the current charts give me a chance to load more LTC as soon as the floor is easily distinguished. The plans have always been to increase my Hive power on the social network Hive. Many creators on the Hive blockchain might say it is better to purchase Hive directly with USD. It is interesting to benefit from the market fluctuation when you hold cheaper LTC bought with USD then enter HIVE as soon as the value of LTC reaches a higher value.



I am presenting a token that has considerably lost value within few days since it broke away from the resistance line at 330 USDT. The price of Litecoin dropped below 160 USDT quite fast within the last seven days. The current evolution of the news around BTC deep has sent a less motivating signal to the crypto holders on the market. I will observe the price on the various chart to determine the floor of LTC. I am expecting the price to correct on the resistance line below 125 USDT. Considering the market volatility such price anticipation has more or less probability of occurrence.




A massive dump of the token price will not strengthen the growing community of newly-starting projects. It is normal to observe in the coming day's many buying orders while the news media batching the cryptomarket. Prices will stabilize as the floor is confirmed in the coming weeks. I will be reserving all actions at the right time after the floor has been tested. My portfolio in LTC is going to gain more value against USDT by the next half of April. Summary of these price changes will display a trend line oriented to the next green lines once we reach the floor. I would like to inform our reading of the educational purpose of these comments regarding the cryptocurrencies tokens described in the publication. Please, conduct your detailed research and never invest if you can not afford to lose the value of your contribution in this extremely volatile market of cryptocurrencies.


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Interesting stuff, I liked the moon picture, upvoted

Thank you
Good news for the market will come

Yay! 🤗
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