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RE: Wrapped LEO: Important Updates

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There are a couple of leo tokens circulating out there. What's your plan to deal with this? People will be confused.

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Noticed that as well. It's possible it could work out to our LEO's gain... :)

or people start buying and trading wrong coins.

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Yep, which was exactly my point... people could mistake little ol LEO for the big bad LEO.

I thought that too since the LEO on CMC first page seems solid. Overall though, if driving traffic to LeoFinance is an objective then that's a problem if people instead go chasing that other project.

True, but at this point it's more likely that people mistake the large LEO project for ours, which could turn out to be a good thing in the short term. Though I do agree that it will be an issue in the future and I am not sure how they get around that outside of changing the name of the token.

What bothers me is that I asked this question for the second time and got no answer from the Leo team.

Yea I mean it's going to be an issue long term for the token, but they can't really rename it at this point... or can they?! I remember noticing that immediately after LEO token launched... there was already a top 30 coin named LEO.

Having more tokens with the LEO name is not an issue for a dex like Uniswap. You will need to be carefull with the token contract adress. That is the real id for a token on eth dex.

It might be an issue for a centralized exchange like binance, bittrex, etc. I guess will see how that will go when the time comes. Maybe the wleo simbol, or something else. Tagging @khaleelkazi for better answer :)

I'll be fine. No worries.
But it'll be confusing for the masses if there will be any.
I asked this question a couple of times. No answer. Strange.

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