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RE: Liquidity Black Hole Theory and How it Now Applies to WLEO

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We have only 600K liquid leo available. How we gonna provide more liquidity for exchanges and new pools?

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What pools do you suggest? Something like LEO/DAI for a stable coin variant? More people would power down to join other pools, assuming the incentives are good enough. I certainly would!

I know for one coming to Thorchain in the future. But anyone can start the pool.
Koin- Eth was launched while people still mining and there's no chain yet.

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LEO/RUNE would be an awesome pair. I have already loaded up some RUNE since I read so much about it here on LEOfinance. Very interesting project for sure. I wonder where the incentives would come from. The 15% LP rewards from the inflation are reserved for the WLEO/ETH pool, right?

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