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This week "UV" column TOP-10 leaders are:
#1 gadrian 226
#2 amr008 191
#3 abh12345.leo 181
#4 taskmaster4450le 165
#5 roleerob 152
#6 lbi-token 152
#7 trumpman2 122
#8 jmsansan.leo 113
#9 zdigital222 106
#10 shortsegments 101

My random "UV" 5 staked LEO prize went to @roleerob

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Thank you for sponsoring the post!


Great update!
Way to go @taskmaster4450 ✌😎πŸ₯“πŸ‘


Gotto beat gadrian next time , but happy with 2nd place :) Thanks for the opportunity and congrats to @roleerob.

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Well done mate :-) Now get over to SPS and give me a prediction please ;-)

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Sorry buddy :( Was really busy yesterday so couldn't hop on . Will definitely not miss from now on .

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Thank you @onealfa.leo! Very kind of you to support the work of @abh12345 here in this weekly post on "the numbers" related to engagement on LeoFinance.

With too much going on in "real life" to participate at levels I once did, I am "still around" and do what I can with the time I have available ...

In my view, I appreciate (more than most perhaps ...) the "elder statesman" role you have been playing in the ongoing growth of the LeoFinance community. At that stage of life myself, it is important to me ...

All the best to you, "Toruk," for a better tomorrow! πŸ¦πŸš€

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That's awesome! Super cool seeing these stats be used to reward others deserver of it.