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RE: Spud : Got beyond the dreams and curation challenge.

in LeoFinancelast year

Well, I didn't earn 9500 Sp, but a delegation of 2800 Sp for 30 days. It's not much? Compared to the 300 Sp I own that I still have, it is still a considerable distance for me, and I just thought the same as your approach. But, I can only vote 10 post a day with 100%
However, it is an excellent initiative on your part since, you know well what it feels like to have very little voting power. The goal is to go further ... go further.


And... How do you know when someone is blacklisted using Steempeak? You can teach me?


you will see a "red question mark" when you visit profile in steempeak.

Thank you, bro.

Mine original SP is also around 400, but I thought enjoy and share these good days of today.