AskLeo - Why are cryptocurrencies being so successful?

When we see that more and more people from all social levels, institutions, governments and important capitals are joining the world of cryptocurrencies, to invest in cryptocurrencies, to understand them, to trade them and to hold them, it is when many wonder; Why are cryptocurrencies being so successful?


For one simple reason

It is not just that cryptocurrencies are currently succeeding, it is that they will continue to be successful in the future, because for a few years now, and from now on, they will become more and more present in our lives in all areas.

And no, I don't mean here that cryptocurrencies are decentralized, secure, easy to use, inflation free and blah blah blah (which by the way, it's true).

Nor am I referring to the use they will have in all areas of modern life beyond economics and finance, in medicine, in robotics, in programming, in industry in general; which will also be so.

No, I am not referring to anything else but the fact that cryptocurrencies are gaining importance every day for a simple reason, and that is the freedom they give us.


Nobody likes impositions

Nobody likes to be imposed things, nobody likes restrictions on our personal economy, ability to save, etc.

Nobody likes being told what you can and cannot do with your money; nor that they restrict you more than the account at the time of making a transaction with your own money.

Cryptocurrencies have class and they give us class and category too

The Crypto confer on us, class, category, freedom, knowledge, ease, development, saving capacity, investment capacity, etc.

Cryptocurrencies make us wiser, they allow us to see the world with different eyes, with better eyes, visualizing a promising future, in which fiat money will be just a sad memory of the past, in a happy future, full of optimism and prosperity. , when we are in our mansions enjoying the wealth and abundance that we have gained in all these years

Thanks for reading my post. See you!

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