After New York Recreational Cannabis Approval getting 3 Cannabis Stocks to Benefit

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The coronavirus is likely to be frightening, and as the U.S. economy tolls, the legalization of Kandhamal is a potential beneficiary. As a major source of new tax revenue, most states have a lack of budgets, especially in light of the entertaining Kandhamal legislation.

The state currently has a medical coin program with 10 licensed organizations for 4 dispensaries. The big question is, will these existing licensors and dispensaries immediately change the sale of attractive handlooms like Illinois.

Governor Andrew Cuomo is one of the few governors who are aggressively demanding approval and the state will probably be very close to legalizing the blockade from COVID-19.

After the January 1 legalization of entertainment Kandal, Illinois is moving 3.5x to 4x larger than the 2019 sales level. MSO had a similar situation in a state that had some equally powerful competitors, but a limited license to start was a huge benefit for existing licensees.

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