Bitcoin tanks 10 %, time for some more coin!

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Ride the waves

The current cryptomarket is extremely interesting. Ethereum went to almost All Time Highs this week. Bitcoin is waving between 30000 and 40000 USD. Altcoins are rising slowly. There is money to be made these days, in all possible ways. Of course altcoins are interesting now. But I like to ride the Bitcoin waves. And I feel now is another nice opportunity to make some money with Bitcoin on the very short term.

If you look at this weekly chart, you understand what I mean. These waves are so nice to ride on. And now is a time to buy, in my humble opinion.


Always some cash

That is why you always have to have some cash to take advantage of these situations. This is not a dump all in tactic. But a real good tactic to do with a small portion of your stack. Jump in, when the wave has gone down, and dump again for cash when the wave has gone up. I do it regularly, and it has never been clearer than now...

Just saying, don't take any advice from me, but you can always value my opinion.

Have a great day!



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Taking advantages of situations like this might be dangerous. I am telling you because I lost a few $k trying to do it ;)