Electoral fraud or not? The USA is presenting itself as a failed state

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What a farce

Elections are important in any democratic country. And things should go correctly, any form of electoral fraud should not be looked upon softly. But what is happening right now in the USA is just... incredible.

Mail in ballots, nothing wrong with that concept, but the fact alone that there is doubt about people having multiple ballots? Possibly even dead people that got ballots? Come on, you would expect such things in a South-American or African ex-dictatorship. But not in the "mighty" United States of America. Voting should be organised in a way that no form of fraud could even be suspected. And believe, that works in all almost every European country, so it can not be that hard.

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How can the world even look at the USA normally after this farce? How can the United States Dollar be the world's reserve currency? If they can't even organise a proper election?

Am I too harsh? I don't think so! America, get your act together, with Joe or Donald!




I am rather enjoying the show! It is amazing, absolutely amazing, to watch the break down of all our norms. Travel? Nope! Business? Nope! Eating out? Nope! A Movie? Nope! Attend a Football Game? Nope!

2020 the Year everything got rearranged.

I don’t quite find that amusing, but I get your point! 😟

This is another proof that those two are mere puppets and voting doesn't really make any difference and it's just a simple show for the general public.

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Maybe you’re right... But still, it’s a shit show!

Though there is sometimes evidence of isolated instances of fraud, there's has never been evidence of widespread fraud to the degree that it would affect the outcome of an election in the U.S. Candidate rhetoric shouldn't be confused with reality. But you have to also understand how elections work on a Federal level. The president is not elected by the people, he is elected by the States (which is still by the people but more indirect). The U.S. after all is a federation of states. Each state has their own rules and laws that govern elections. Some do it better than others.

I understand, but as the “centre of the free world”, organising an election should be a piece of cake imho

And for most states it is. There are only a few where there are problems but for better or worse we all have to wait for them to get their act together. But there IS no problem (yet anyway). The presidential election does not take place until December 14th when the electors get together to cat their ballots. At this point, we are still just choosing electors. Each state has their own deadline to certify their election results. To this point, no state has missed their deadline yet. Though contentious, the process is still working as designed. It's just that everyone seems hung up on who the media is projecting to be the next president. It's a shit show because that is what the media chooses to present. Shit shows are good for ratings I guess.

As long as states meet their deadlines for certification and the electors get together on December 14th to choose the next president, then everything will have gone as it is supposed to in terms of how our election system works. That's the reality even if it isn't the perception or what is being presented in the media.