Hive is on a rollercoaster right now!

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Up and down, faster than lightning

Yesterday, I posted that Hive had dropped a 100 places in the ranking by coinmarketcap, which I found a bit curious. But today I noticed Hive picked up again. And how! It raced to above 50 dollar cents. And then fell down again to 46 cents. To go back up again to 48 cents. A true rollercoaster it is, where Hive is riding on, right now. I have a strong suspicion some people are making some serious money daytrading there. But that is not what I am doing, I'm in it for the long run, and am very glad that Hive has finally gone above that 0.50 USD mark again, after such a long time.


The future is bright!



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I feel this trend indicates consolidation before making the upmove

An upward mountain rollercoaster

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Ranking on CMC or Coingecko really doesnt matter. In fact the price run, while nice, isnt the main thrust.

It is what is taking place here that is so exciting. This will push Hive to heights few of us can imagine.

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True, but I tend to watch the ranking a bit too much... 🤦‍♂️

This year is rollercoster😀

Yep, a weird one

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