I managed to stake my CUB! Finally

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Thanks to the LEO community

It was quite the ordeal, but I managed to pull it off, and got my CUB airdrop staked in one of the Dens. Allthough I still have to learn a lot about what exactly those Dens and Farms are. But he, I'm already this far, so I am in the process of earning something of of this airdrop.


I have to thank @exyy, @seckorama and @joetunex to get me going and showing me how it is actually done.

Now, it is time to harvest those CUB!



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nice one it was not easy!

Good Luck

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That's awesome you finally got it right bro, it was a mission for me too and I'm still learning.

Happy farming!

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Quite some numbers you have there staked. Let's hope price settles at the current price. We'll done

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yay, congratulations!
watch them grow - happy CUBbing :)

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I FOMOd and sold 1.5 BNB to buy 30 Cub .... I am down about 80% on that investment. Brutal.

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