Keep going, Hive!

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Here comes the bull!

Finally Hive is moving up towards places it belongs to. Currently 1 Hive is worth 0,85 USD, which isn’t bad, but there is still a long way to go. In my opinion, one Hive should be worth at least between 10 and 20 USD. Especially if you consider the growth this platform and it’s sub platforms have gone through the last year.


The potential of Hive is immense, and should not be taken lightly!

Keep going, Hive!




I saw a lot of posts about hive price since morning.
This is really a good news but this is time to hold the token firmly.
As price rises, a lot of people will be tempted to sell the token and walk away with the profit. This will hurt the price.
Let's see if this price level will hold for some time.

Definitely great times to be part of this project right now.

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It's funny how Hive suddenly went up to close to the US$ 1 value and at the same time LEO was collapsing to less than US$ 0.9. I think the most important thing here is to be patient and observe if Hive is a sudden pump for a couple of days and then fall back to previous levels or if our crypto will certainly continue its way upwards surpassing the US$ 1 price as LEO has been doing.

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I don’t expect it to drop to previous levels, maybe a little bit, but there’s definitely more upwards potential.

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I woke up to this news today, and I got messages from people, who wrote things like "did you see what Hive did today?"..

Anyhow: "Hive should be worth at least between 10 and 20 USD" <<--- are you trying to make me rich??? ;)

You’re welcome 😂