Ok, I was not expecting this kind of rise of Hive!

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Heading for 1 Dollar Hive

As always, just out of curiosity, I was checking out the price of Hive on Coinmarketcap. And what do I see? Hive is at 0.81 USD! Wow, I was not expecting that. At least not this soon. But hé, I am not complaining. This is getting serious now. Heading for 1 Dollar Hive and up. Times are changing for the good. I can only say, keep on hoarding them Hive tokens. They can maybe make you a very rich man, some day!


The future is bright!



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It is just 0.61$ !!

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It has been at 81 cents for a brief moment!

Yeah its been exiting days recently, lets see how fare we go this time.

Isn't that's what we've expected?

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I was hoping this, but not expecting it, yet!

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