The boat is back, the economy is saved!

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Suez psyop

The last few days, in the worlds’ mainstream media it seemed like there was only one big danger for the world economy. And that was the boat “Ever given” that was blocking the Suez Canal. It was mayhem, the world’s economy was doomed, another recession was on its way. Doomsday predictions everywhere.


Not a word about how the lockdowns all over the world are devestating for the economy. And how poorly the governments are handling the COVID-19 crisis.

So now the boat is back floating, I guess all the problems in the world are solved now? Or maybe not?




Media is always in search of new spicy news. It does not matter if it’s important or not ( I am not saying that above news was not important, I am talking about media in general)
They just want TRP and cash it in.

True, the media is responsible for loads of crap these days

The Covid will flush away to...

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Rather sooner than later!

Stocks on Wallstreet can start going up again.

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People seemed to forget that the world economy managed to exist even in the period between 1967 and 1975, when the Canal had been closed due to the war between Israel and Egypt.

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