The fiasco of vaccination in the EU

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EU, a snail compared to the rest of the world

The European Union, it is a place pretending to be progressive, multicultural, a true democracy with high standards and values. None of that is still standing at this moment. The vaccination against COVID-19 is revealing all the problems of the EU at once. Too much bureaucracy, indecisiveness, a failed state with too much politics and too little action.


The EU was proud they negotiated the lowest prices of the vaccines, but they ordered too little too late, and are now paying the price for that. Extended lockdowns, a third wave and disgruntled citizens are the result of this policy. Which will cost way more than what they saved on vaccines. Both economically and socially... A true fiasco!




What is even more true: EU is turning quite authoritarian, with mandatory vaccination just around the corner (which not only goes against human rights, but even against a recent decision by EU's own Council of Europe), and travel restrictions are in place again.

I live in Austria, and besides Germany, I think it is one of the worst places to live in right now: Absolute incompetence in dealing with the virus, no arts, restaurants, bars, clubs, cultural events, very limited freedom, curfew over night. No travel abroad without registration, test or vaccine. And recently those restrictions even were extended on cities and regions. Pluus a completely failing/corrupted media.

This all based on a complete misunderstanding of the virus' dynamics, statistics and numbers. This all while people to whom corona poses a real threat are left unprotected, and the hospitals have not been prepared for anything extra during the last year. And no real light on the horizon, while people and businesses go bankrupt.

Everybody living anywhere else (besides Germany and Israel I guess) should consider themselves happy!

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I wonder why anyone is not doing anything on an official level regarding the violations of human rights with this pandemic.

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Yes, this is really mad!

But there actually is a very under-reported team of ~1000 lawyers, lead by Mr. Fuellmich (the guy who sued VW for the Diesel-Gate) that is working on applying the rule of Nuremberg Trials.

Here's the hardcopy ('saved to the blockchain') of an article on it:

I guess the main question is which court of justice to turn to, as I get the feeling that the most of world's governments are in on this corona game.

How are things in Romania those days? It is one of the first countries on my list, if I ever feel I have to relocate...

Not perfect, but a bit better than other countries I'd say. We have all stores open, restaurant terraces as well, the only shitty thing is with masks and I blame regular people for that. We also have that curfew time from 22:00 to 5:00 when you can't get out.

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Restaurants! How I miss that! And in Romania they do serve great food!
Maybe I'll try to travel there this summer.

you do that.

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True, Belgium is no better, bars and restaurants are closed for almost 6 months now. Completely insane and inhumane, but nobody seems to care...

but nobody seems to care

This I find really crazy. But then people tend to believe in media and politics too much to take responsibilty.

So true 😑💉

Bureaucracy kills. I'm not against big gov per se as much as i am against silly gov.

I'd stay away from this vaccine.

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The fear of the consequences (of the unknown) played a very large role in this application.

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