Time to load up some more coin?

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Almost everything in the red

Bitcoin and its friends are taking a breather. After the surge of Bitcoin to above 60000,00 USD, a significant and usual drop has set in. Now is the big question, is it time to buy some more Bitcoin, Ethereum and others? I am no financial advisor, but my common sense tells me, buying at 50k and seeing it rise again to 60k, gives a 20 % profit. And then is the question to ask, is it likely that Bitcoin will go back to 60k? I think we all know the answer to that one, "Very likely". So 1 + 1 is 2, buying Bitcoin or Ethereum right now is kind of a no brainer...


Correct me if I am wrong...



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I'd say ETH is a better bet at this point.

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Maybe it is, indeed

Nice... time to buy more bitcoin. Maybe i'll buy some cub as well.

how low can it go? here on Hive I saw a prediction it could go to 43k. what are your thoughts?

That’s possible, but eventually it will go back up to 60k and higher...

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