What’s happening with Hive?

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Dropping 100 spots on coinmarketcap

One would think Hive is holding strong on its value, but compared with other alt coins, Hive is losing immense momentum. Today and yesterday we lost almost 100 spots on coinmarketcap. We were in 180th place and right now that spot is 280th. Which is kind of worrying. What is going on?





Maybe some people are selling Hive to buy LEO and Cub.

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the word "everyone" is wrong.......not everyone is selling their HIVE to buy LEO OR CUB...some do not even know about those two tokens you mentioned.....we have thousands of people on the hive ecosystem and of course you cannot know what exactly everyone is doing.........

@pele23 concerning the ranking,i believe that is a good observation from you though i do not really sometimes put alot of concentration on those ranks because sometimes it does not reflect the true value of the crypto on the market all the time,for example i could remember there are times that the dogecoin ranked at first 10 cryptos but we know the reality on ground concerning the dogecoin...though your observations are on point....

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Maybe just a few people then.

This is happening also with steem

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Welcome to HIVE! I have been here for four years and this is totally normal. When things are in the green with the alt-market, HIVE goes up as well (if we are lucky). If things are in the red, HIVE goes down (pretty much all the time). Relax, lean back, enjoy the show. 2021 will be an amazing ride for us. ;-)

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