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RE: I Like It Green! .:. #MyHiveGoals May 2nd, 2021

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Rising star you have a TON of cards! Have you been diving into the Starpro and record sales there?

I like the game very much as I don't stress about it... lol... Like I do in Splinterlands... lol...

I can't find my place in that Music Promoter thing (auctions for Starpro), yet... But maybe I will in the future... On the other side, I like the Record Staking thing and I do stake some tokens there... And I will probably buy some records for myself as they count as additional cards in the game (better ranking)... And the general idea is very cool as it supports the game, the musicians, and also the players...


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Oh sweet I didn't realizing buying the music on that page ended up giving you a card count as well that's lit. The staking aspect of it is nice honestly extra Starbits and no risk of losing any.



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