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RE: Would you people quit your job if you could somehow earn the same amount of money each month but from a different source?

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I have done that 10 years ago when I left the company that I have created... So, in general, I didn't left my job, as I was created another one... And I have done exactly that you said... I had 3-4 different sources of income, and that gave me the confidence to "quit my job"...

And I never looked back... The best decision ever!


What's that smell...Is it...success?

Happy for you buddy!

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Hahahaha... I wouldn't go that far... :)

But I like my freedom... As much as that sounds weird in this lockdown-shit-period... :)

I know right? Lock down kicked in 14 hours ago and it feels like a month already

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Really? Here in Spain, it didn't stop from the beginning.. hahaha... Having restrictions from February, just changing the "shape" :) From prison lockdown, through "easing", to coming back to night curfews, and who knows what will happen tomorrow...

It's nice to be sheep and wait to be slaughtered... But hey... if crypto goes up, and all other shit goes down (real-estate, products and shit), we will be rich :)