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RE: Just found £188 ($250) down the side of the sofa

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Wow, that's a big change in household bills! Telecoms here are NOTORIOUS for overcharging people. We only have two options, so they know they can get away with it. It's so gross.
Congrats on your savings!


Hello so good to see you 😍.
I was thinking about you and came by your blog yesterday - I read the post about things you only have one of but I was called away before I could leave a comment. I have been so pre-occupied by The Ink Well - we're gradually getting where we want to be in the community so I will have more time for my world. Hope all is good with you?
Mmm, I'm in two minds about the liberalisation of the market - on the one hand, there is more choice, on the other hand, people are overwhelmed by it and stay with the same provider, regardless. Insurance premiums are the worse, some of the increases are blatant, plus all the upselling of add-ons. And, without asking you, they make renewal automatic from the last account details you gave them. I had to ring up home and car insurance and get that reversed.
Oh well, I guess when all is said and done, we do have a tradition of highway robbery 😂.

Thanks for the beer - have some !ENGAGE 50

No worries at all, I haven't been spending as much time on Hive as I used to; I just haven't had the focus of late. So I've been very derilict in keeping up with everyone's blogs!
Yeah, oh, insurance BS - here in the US, elderly folx generally have Medicare, the government plan, which you have to be 65+ to get, I think. But private insurance companies are always trying to "upsell" Medicare add-ons, which more often than not actually LESSEN your coverage, not increase it. I can't tell you how many times when I worked at the hospital, we had a patient get denied treatment and had to tell them, go cancel that add-on and just have regular Medicare and you'll get approved, because they approve our patients all the time, and lo - that's exactly what happened. So seniors are paying extra to be denied healthcare. 'Murica.
Thanks for the Engage! Does this one still work? !COFFEEA