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RE: New LeoFi Products, Snapshot Announcement, CUB Tokens and BEP20 LEO

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So I was delegating 45 LP to leo.voter, which I think I'm realizing now doesn't make sense.

I undelegated that LP, and I am currently staking 15 LP that I hadn't delegated before.

Is the airdrop going to be based around the 15 LP, or the entire 60?

And as an aside, should I be delegating LP? I seem to be a little confused as to why you would.

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Leovoter pays you 16% apr of yr stake out every day, which is better than most delegators offer, i would say.

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So delegating LP to leo.voter results in a 16% APR? I was under the impression you only receive rewards from delegating HP to leo.voter.

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I can't say that for sure, only meant delegating hive power pays daily in leo, sorry i don't know anything abt delegating leo , sorry for confusing/ wasting yr time! 😎

No worries at all! I appreciate the clarification. Yeah, that's the conclusion I've come to... currently staking around 150 HP to leo.voter, and then just staking the LP without any delegation.

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