Making My Own Direction | My Life Goals - HIVEPUD April 2021

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April, dressed in all its trim, hath put a spirit of youth in everything." - William Shakespeare


Disclaimer: You may want to pull up a chair & have a beverage as you dive into this post...apologies for the length, but March has been pretty impactful 💚

Here we are again - March has flown by & we are still standing! April has rushed in, bringing its youthful energy; ready for a time of promise & rebirth. Fittingly, it's even my Mom’s birthday today. She is my hero & I will always be grateful to her (& my dad) for giving me the gift of life. 💖🧚🏼‍♀️


One of my favorite photos of us


As many of us get ready to celebrate Easter this coming weekend (or just the signs of spring showing itself), it makes me reflect on this past month (as #HIVEPud tends to do lol)...

March was a pretty significant one for me. So much has happened in a short 31 days, both offline & online….


This above image really stood out to me & really explains the shadow work I went through, which was needed. There was so much purging (through the tears & anxiety) but letting go of so much was significant ... I feel lighter now since I am no longer holding onto what doesn't serve me (which I didn't realize I still was)...

Aside from working on my spiritual self, I had to say goodbye to some connections that no longer served either one of us. While it wasn’t easy to let go, it allowed room for a new one that shows promise...

This relationship is also making me want to improve on myself & become a better version of myself as we help one another heal & grow… it's a connection that reminded me it is not about being perfect or putting up a wall with that other person. Also, the work doesn't stop when you agree to be together, but it's about loving one another as is, in your entire beautiful chaotic mess (flaws & all)...


It's not about trying to change the other, it's about growth, encouragement & wanting to be the best for yourself & for one don't lose yourself in the process; you celebrate one another's individuality as well as complement one another when you're together...just some observations I made ;)

giphy (1).gif


In all of this, it looks as if I will be doing another thing I absolutely love - traveling….for the first time, since March 2020, I will be able to get on a plane & see that person I truly care for… never did I imagine what a good feeling that would be….it also fills me with hope…..

Flying Free.png

It has been a scary time for a lot of us, but it shows we can grow stronger & overcome anything together….while there’s still work to be done & roadblocks we certainly will have to move around, there IS hope & our inner light is bright….we just have to believe…



The Pixie Power Gaming project is moving along a bit….it is basically my “baby” right now. Even though I hit some offline obstacles on the way, it is still going to happen.

This time around, I don’t have a firm date set yet because I want to do this right. Gaming is something I never imagined I would be doing but the joy I have experienced in creating the videos for all of you has been immeasurable (not to mention the laughter it brings to my viewers). The most important thing I realized throughout this process is we are all capable of anything we choose to put our minds & hearts to…we just have to trust & step out onto faith. Is it scary when we do? Sometimes. Is it uncomfortable? It can be. Is it worth it? Oh hell yes….because it shows growth & even if you “fail”, if you learn from it, it isn’t a failure at all… ;)


On the #HIVE blockchain, it really has amazed me how far so many of us have come…so many communities came to life, such as #MusicforLife & #CineTV as well as the @Liotes project taking its first breath…


I cannot say enough about this project. I am so proud of @ph1102 & @achim03 for bringing this to all of us. It is well thought out & in the true interest of everyone profiting. These two hard working men really CARE about ALL of us succeeding. You aren't just a username here, you are a true community member. Check them out to see what it's all about ;)

CTP Swarm.png

Also, CTPTalk is kicking it up a notch with its #3StepsNoExcuses challenge as well as @leofinance doing amazing things as always…I know I have missed a lot of other events, etc but nowadays, it really is difficult to keep up with everything happening on the blockchain LOL…It is just amazing to see everyone flourish…

And look at #HIVE crypto kicking butt & taking names…

Screen Shot 2021-04-01 at 9.09.27 AM.png

I am so proud of our community (as well as #HIVETwitter) for doing such an amazing job at getting the word out there & showing what we are all made of….it is only the beginning!

Okay, enough babbling he he….it is that time to Power Up! I added a little extra #pixiedust to make it even more powerful


Screen Shot 2021-04-01 at 10.05.59 AM.png


Screen Shot 2021-04-01 at 10.06.45 AM.png


Screen Shot 2021-04-01 at 10.08.26 AM.png

BOOM! ;) I saved 8 HIVE to get a jump start on this month ;) The exciting part is I am approaching the 10K HP. Yes, I do have a way to go but slowly, but surely, I am making way to reach that Orca make room for the #pixiedust! ;)

What’s that? You say you want to take part in the #HivePUD event? It’s easy! The amazing @traciyork explains it all here 👉


So, now as we start this month, go for your dreams & keep persevering in your path. Remember to be good to each other if nothing else. We never know what someone else's journey is so kindness goes a long way (while staying true in your own power).


Thank you for your time in reading this & sending you all love, healing light & of course, a bit of #pixiedust!✨🧚🏼‍♀️💖💫




made by @traciyork

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Nice work and good luck with 10k HP. I do agree that there is probably way too much stuff going on and it makes it tough to be everywhere. MusicForLife, Liotes, CineTV, Cub Finance and many more. There just isn't enough funds or time for everything.

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Thank you for your kind words, my friend. I always appreciate your support & engagement :)

Omg, you are so right - so much to keep track of on the HIVE blockchain! But I guess that's what makes it so appealing - there's literally something for EVERYONE. We may not be able to take part in everything but there's a lot to choose from & set us on the path we are meant to go truly is an all encompassing journey :)

I wish you luck with your goals & a joyous weekend! :)🧡✨

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I like the photo of your mother and you... It looks like a part from some old Hollywood movie :)

Thanks for the mention of Liotes and kind words about Achim and myself... We are giving ourselves in that project, and I hope that all the community will win! Thanks for your support in reaching that point...

And you have reminded me to do my part of HivePUD... The Orca status is closer than ever! :)

Enjoy the holidays!

Thank you so much! That is definitely one of my favorite photos of her and I. As young as I was there, I remember flashes of that day & they are definitely happy memories... :)

You're welcome! As I told @achim03, you both deserve the recognition since you have worked so hard on @liotes... there's no two better people I would rather work with. ;)

Yes, I will go read your HivePUD! I am behind on curating lately but slowly getting caught up much love & engagement, which is great to see! Orca status is within both of our grasps, but I have a hunch you will reach it sooner he he ;)

Have a beautiful weekend, Zoltan! :) 💚

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Love the photo of your Mother and you, both are beautiful. Wow getting close to Orca, I have a long way to go. Fun to see it all take place.

Thank you so much, Sheila! :) One of my very favorite photos...I posted it on my Mom's FB wall and she replies with "You are making me cry!" Ha ha ha. We always had an inside family joke of who could make our mom tear up first at our bday (or holiday) cards or gifts hahah. So I hope I won this time! 😂😂

Orca is still a bit of a ways, but to hit 10K would definitely help me pick up momentum for sure. It is fun to see how it goes. Even though I am looking to reach the goal, the journey is even more rewarding for me. We learn so much about ourselves & become better each day! :)

Thanks for your support & love! Have a wonderful weekend! :) 💚

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Another excellent post. Really excited to hear about the travelling part. That's fantastic!

I miss flying.

Thanks so much, Rob!! So great to see you in the comments. :) You have been absolutely crushing it as of late. Keep up your awesome work. We got this! 🙌

And yes, I am SOO excited to travel again! I am hoping it will be the start of a more regular trips....we will see :) 💚

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Thanks a lot for the shout out and the kind words :-)

You're very welcome, my dear friend. You two are the best & deserve the recognition. I am honored to know both of you! HUGS 💚

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Always a pleasure to read all those positive thoughts you spread :) Congrats on the HPUD I will have to go a long way to reach that level.

It is a pleasure to KNOW you! Your NFT work and positivity in the @liotes Discord room always brighten my day....I know you will go far in your HIVE journey...;)

Thank you so much for your support! Let's do this & make things happen! :) 🙌💚

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Happy Birthday to your Mom! That is a beautiful picture of you two. You have had quite the month, a new relationship, your gaming progress, and your HP milestones just to mention a few. Hope this next month brings you new good fortune. But again, we make our own good fortune. Hugs and Happy Friday!

Thank you! She had a nice quiet day (the way she likes it lol). She still lives in NY and crazily enough, it SNOWED. She was like "well, isn't this nice?" ha ha ha...oh well, that's NY for you!

March really has been an impactful month for me. I really didn't realize it until I sat down to write the post... it's amazing what we all accomplish or go through & don't realize it all until we look back in hindsight. Pretty amazing. April is going to be even more eventful! :)

And, YES, we DO make our own good fortune. When we choose to be happy, regardless of where we are in life, that is when amazing things happen! :)

I wish you much love, prosperity & happiness, Lisa. Hugs to you & Happy Friday!! :) 💚

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Good Morning and You're welcome, Jenn! Thank you for the Luv token. Happy to hear your Mom had her Birthday just the way she likes it. Weather in the Midwest can be unpredictable as well.

All the same of the really good stuff and hugs back to you! 💚 Have a great week!


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Good Morning and Thank you, @luvshares! Enjoy your day!😀

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