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RE: If You Don't Have Money To Invest

in LeoFinance5 months ago

When I first entered the blockchain world, I had no clue about any of it. I knew I just wanted to create content (on Steem, where I started) & make a difference in the world. Getting paid for it in crypto was the icing on the cake.

I had no idea how much it would change my life for the better. I am still depend on fiat & non blockchain things (as most of us are), but learning about blockchain, being able to earn different crypto & growing in this amazing Hive community has been the best decision I ever made...

It is unfortunate a lot of people are still resistant to learning crypto because it is already the present & is definitely the future. Here, we have a voice on these blockchain platforms & have more control over our's worth it to be patient & learn. So glad I did...

Awesome blog! I agree with what you said & hope others learn from it as well :) 💚