CTP Talk weekly stats report

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Welcome to my CTP weekly stats report. It is compiled for everyone interested in the development of CTP Talk and CTP token, so please continue to read for your weekly stats dosage.


I received a question from a reader of my articles whether it was possible to include the CTP trading volume on Hive-Engine? After some thinking and data restructuring I have added the chart in the last section of the report. If you have any other requests feel free to leave a comment below or drop me a line on discord.

Weekly summary

I’ll start with a summary of the market stats and key performance indicators on one slide for week 19. In the sections after, I will provide further details for each of these numbers.


The report is divided in the following sections:
• Daily posts and earnings on CTP Talk
• Top CTP Talk post authors and earners
• New, active and total post authors
• Daily comments and earnings
• CTP Talk frontend utilisation
• CTP on Hive-Engine & Market capitalisation

Daily posts and earnings on CTP Talk

The first section contains the daily posts and earnings in week 19. During this week, 522 (+8.3%) unique authors published 1,935 (+10.2%) posts and generated 21,684 CTP in earnings. The first chart below presents the number of posts published per day.


The second chart shows the earnings these posts have generated per day.


In the past months, the number of unique authors kept growing with 5 authors weekly and as has picked-up again compared to previous weeks.


Also the number of posts increased, with 6 posts weekly and also here the number of submitted posts have increased again.


Top CTP Talk post authors and earners

The next two charts present the top post authors and earners in week 18.

The TOP 3 CTP authors with the highest number of posts were @regenerette (33), @king.sports (27) and @alokkumar121 (25).


Furthermore, the TOP 3 CTP post earners were @jongolson (1,232 CTP), @alokkumar121 (755 CTP) and @ph1102 (751 CTP).


As a measure of equal post earnings distribution, the chart below provides the earning split between the Top 20 authors and all other authors. In week 19, the Top 20 authors received 62% of all post earnings, which shows the ongoing shift of earnings to a larger group of authors.


New, active and total post authors

In week 19 we had 72 new authors on CTP Talk.

I would like to welcome @valor2s, @travelwritemoney, @dwayne16, @elier18, @tawadak24, @yalexis300896, @mariela53, @paul-wills, @bossideon, @known.prince, @leomara, @carlosadolfochac, @emilycorvof, @cool08, @andy4475, @ridor5301, @ctpchat, @mamun123456, @heskay, @blueman502, @twicejoy, @mrenglish, @diego1306, @andrearojas55, @honourablefelix, @gabrielserra, @emilym, @susi5654, @carlosfernandezr, @daianerr, @lizzy21, @anadolu, @eturnerx, @readthisplease, @emmilee, @bendany, @chetanmann, @invest0x23, @razackpulo.pob, @rosaura28, @andy-vibes, @munzil, @ink.cat, @maykk, @fianna, @pablodare, @rogerdiho, @my451r, @ades, @estrovertida, @maria75, @steem15, @wrsd54, @platicador, @armanhassan, @nazmulhassan00, @natyqueen, @ynwa.andree, @gatorfan, @anikethreddy, @omaira74, @paulo.sar, @yuyu-arts, @aquamarine, @dadspardan, @bnwphoto, @benmag, @kaizenx, @cesarsj5, @jaxsonmurph and @waverunner to the CTP tribe, having published their first post during this week.

Looking at the overall trend, the number of new authors is further increasing with 0.2 authors weekly. As a result, the total number of CTP Talk authors has now reached 2,029.


The 14-days retention rate (which provides an indication of CTP Swarm engagement, interest, and loyalty) has reached 632 authors, which is the highest number since CTP Talk started.


Daily comments and earnings

This week we had in total 14,593 comments, which is again the highest weekly number since CTP Talk started.


This week the comment upvote value also increased week to 2,415 CTP. This is almost the double amount as compared to last week. The chart below display the significant increase in the last 7 days very clearly.


CTP Talk frontend utilisation

In the sections above I have highlighted the posts and comments generated using the CTP tag. These posts and comments could have been entered using many different frontends. When we specifically look at the CTP Talk frontend, 723 posts and comments were published in week 19, which is 60% higher as compared to last week.

The Top 3 authors were @king.sports (26 posts), @hirohurl (4 posts) and @slackerman (4 posts).

The Top 3 comment posters were @harpreetjanda (133 comments), @mba2020 (72 comments) and @elianaicgomes (72 comments).

The two graphs below present the TOP 10 post and comment authors.


As mentioned above already, the frontend was used substantial more as compared to last week, which you can clearly see in the chart below as well.


CTP on Hive-Engine & Market Capitalisation

The following charts present the development of the CTP token on Hive-Engine.

The first chart provides an overview of the total CTP supply, the number of tokens staked, liquid and burned.

In week to 16 May, the total CTP supply increased with 29,284 CTP to 3,283,449 CTP. The number of tokens staked went up to 2,876,183 CTP or 89.97% of the total number in circulation. Finally, 946 CTP were burned.


The total amount of CTP in circulation is held by 3,337 (+2%) account holders, which is steadily increasing.


The next chart presents the Top 20 CTP holders. This week there were no changes at the top.


The following chart presents the CTP price development and trading volume on Hive-Engine. As you can see there has been a steady decline in price after the peak mid-February but it stabilised at the end of March and now is slowly increasing again. In week 19 the total trading volume on Hive Engine was 20,721 CTP.


The final chart of this report highlights the CTP Market Capitalisation development. On 16th of May the CTP Market Capitalisation was $103k USD.


This concludes my weekly update, until the next time and stay safe! 😀

(Information source: Hive blockchain, CTP Talk frontend, Hive-Engine and Coingecko)

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Hello paul @pjansen
This is great information.
I am very interested in learning what makes the ctp token fluctuate in price.
Since this is my first venture of this kind in actually using a token.
Is it the capitalization that makes the price go up or is it the amount of users?
Just curious.

Hey @alente that's a good question. Without technical market information to back this up, I think it is mainly driven by CTP liquidity on Hive Engine. You could see this at the beginning of February where there was an interest in the token and the price went up because there were not a lot of sellers. Vice-versa when people wanted to take profits at the end of February, it came down very quickly because there where not a lot of buyers in the market.

Good to see myself in top commenter’s category.
Congrats to all who made to any of the chart.

That was an impressive number of comments last week @harpreetjanda! 👍 😀

A nice comprehensive CTP report, lease keep it up.

Thanks for your interest @saachi. I'm building it for the community so as long as people are interested, I'll keep-on building it. 😀

Very good stats report must say. I have a question - could you include, if possible, in the next report how many posters use ctp tag and compare with number on ctp talk front end posts? I'm, for example, using only one Hive frontend (ecency) for posting in all tribes and but I'm using ctp tag regularly, I have some CTPM and CTP tokens...

Thank you for your suggestion @seckorama, I'll look into it and how to incorporate it in my weekly report.

That will be fine, thanks in advance. 😎

It's kind of a coincidence that you just published these charts. As I have been watching the progress of #CTP on Hive Engine recently, which has prompted me to invest in some. Both yesterday and purchased some more Today. The growth seems stable and most encouraging to me. Well done Team ... 👏

  • Also many thanks for the mention √ This Article has been Re-Blogged √
    Enjoy some !PIZZA

The CTP tribe is indeed growing quickly @andy4475 and it is awesome to see you have invested in the community token already!

I bought some more #CTP Today, almost 1,000 now 😎 in total !
Sending !PIZZA Enjoy..



@pjansen! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @andy4475.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at hive.pizza

Nice stats. Great to see the no of authors increased

Posted via proofofbrain.io

I fully agree @jersteemit, the CTP Talk community is growing quickly.

Thank you so much for the mention and for your work!

Thanks @regenerette.Yyou have quite a number of posts last week, awesome! :)

I used to have an average of 4 per day. Now I am in recovery and I am posting less. But thank you so much for being here and doing this work!

I am grateful for the mention and hope to keep in touch and a time as time progresses.

Would be fantastic @mrenglish, keep posting and it will happen for sure.

You have given a detailed update on the CTP. I will keep on using this.

Thanks @cool08, I've created it for the community so we can all see the great progress CTP Talk is making.

This is excellent!! Thank you for these statistics.

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You're welcome @hivecoffee.


Thanks for mentioning, I will strict with #CTP

Thanks @twicejoy, I appreciated it.

Thanks for the mentioning I will keep in touch with your post 😊.

Thanks @honourablefelix, I appreciated it.

Thanks for the welcome!!

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Excellent thank you very informative, love being tied with @elianaicgomes 😁