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Welcome to my CTP weekly stats report. It is compiled for everyone interested in the development of CTP Talk and CTP token, so please continue to read for your weekly stats dosage.


In this report the following topics will be covered:
• Daily posts and earnings on CTP Talk
• Top CTP Talk post authors and earners
• New, active and total post authors
• Daily comments and earnings
• CTP Talk frontend utilisation
• CTP on Hive-Engine

Daily posts and earnings on CTP Talk

Let’s start with the daily posts and earnings in week 14. During this week, 474 (+2.8%) unique authors published 1,899 (+1.6%) posts and generated 22,004 CTP in earnings. The first chart presents the number of posts published per day.


The second chart shows the earnings these posts have generated per day.


In the past weeks, the number of unique authors kept growing with 5.3 authors weekly.

Also the number of posts increased with 7.4 posts weekly.


Finally, the amount of CTP tokens earned remained flat at 3,000 CTP weekly, which is to expect.


Top CTP Talk post authors and earners

The next two charts present the top post authors and earners in week 14.

The TOP 3 CTP authors with the highest number of posts were @harpreetjanda (32), @regeneretta (23) and @makeitreal95 (20).


Furthermore, the TOP 3 CTP post earners were @elianaicgomes (822 CTP), @ph1102 (709 CTP) and @jongolson (646 CTP).


New, active and total post authors

In week 14 we had 63 new authors on CTP Talk.

I would like to welcome @appachappa, @fireguardian, @addictivecryptos, @argeh, @threesteps, @johntamny, @marcelo182, @yeckingo1, @damzxyno, @stormz-y, @cryptoninjaz, @elvinho, @cryptocopy, @horstman5, @genx-miner, @mariasalas19, @shawnlauzon, @sipahikara, @leveluplifestyle, @peterale, @hunter-yogi, @tinty.art, @lanzjoseg, @sillentkiller, @markdonalds0609, @ms-sarmin, @profgabs05, @byercatire, @edystringz, @mejiasclaudia, @jurich60, @cherylsonty, @elkaos, @yonilkar, @effeey, @praditya, @gabo-yt-oficial, @yelipop.rod, @ajanaku, @ekeminimech4, @visky, @ericaa, @leo.stats, @jerichternida, @manu-gp, @proofofbrainio, @mcdaymtn, @voteshark, @gillianpearce, @filmoholic, @artvik, @willy01, @whywhy, @swhit32254 to the CTP tribe, having published their first post during this week.

Looking at the overall trend, the number of new authors is further increasing with 0.2 authors weekly.


As a result, the total number of CTP Talk authors has now reached 1,741.


The 14-days retention rate (which provides an indication of CTP Swarm engagement, interest, and loyalty) has reached 576 authors and is still advancing.


Daily comments and earnings

The number of comments on posts also increased. This week we had 13,217 comments in total. In the chart below you will see the steady increase in CTP post comments.


Next to an increase in number of daily comments, the total upvote value has increased as well. This week 1,502 CTP was awarded as upvotes.


CTP Talk frontend utilisation

In the sections above I have highlighted the posts and comments generated using the CTP tag. These posts and comments could have been entered using many different frontends. When we specifically look at the CTP Talk frontend, 348 posts and comments were published in week 14.

The TOP 3 authors were @hirohurl (7 posts), @amr008.ctp (4 posts) and @bencar26 (3 posts).

The TOP 3 comment posters were @harpreetjanda (117 comments), @jfang003 (49 comments) and @moonthumb (28 comments).

The two graphs below present the TOP 10 post and comment authors.


During the week the frontend utilisation has increased further, which is an awesome development.


CTP on Hive-Engine

The following charts present the development of the CTP token on Hive-Engine.

The first one providing an overview of the total CTP supply, the number of tokens staked, liquid and burned.

In week to 11 April, the total CTP supply increased with 27,671 CTP to 3,117,397 CTP. The number of tokens staked went up to 2,710,584 or 89.35% of the total number in circulation. Finally, 400 CTP were burned.


The total amount of CTP in circulation is held by 2,982 (+2.8%) account holders, which is steadily increasing.


The next chart presents the TOP 20 CTP holders. During the week @cruisin and @elianaicgomes moved up one position at the expense of @clicktrackprofit and @russellstockley.

The final chart is taken from Hive Engine and presents the price development in the last three months. As you can see there has been a steady decline in price after the peak mid-February. On the positive side, the price has stabilised in the in the past two weeks.


This concludes my weekly update, until the next time and stay safe! 😀

(Information source: Hive blockchain, CTP Talk frontend and Hive-Engine)

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@pjansen.ctp, please tag me with my main account that it's on the print screen, @regenerette that is. I am using that one to post.

I am not using this one so much.

Thank you so much for this!

I'll do that @regenerette, thanks for letting me know.

Thank you!

Hi Paul! I am one of the CTP accounts that's new: @threesteps
This is a curation and commenting account which upvotes ctp content. :)
Nice to meet you. -Rob

Hi Rob, it seems we all have a number of accounts to manage. :)
Good to know you're using @threesteps for commenting and curation.
Really nice to meet you here on the blockchain, Paul

Good deal. Followed you. :) Thanks for the introduction. I am sure we will see each other on here.

Muchas gracias por la bienvenida, @pjansen.ctp muy amable, me ayuda a continuar con este hermoso trabajo que en afecto me a contribuido al hogar, Saludoos!!

Disfrute de su tiempo aquí en CTPTalk @mariasalas19. También puedes unirte a nosotros en Discord.

Thanks @pjansen.ctp for welcoming us to the community. I appreciate, I will try my best to be a good and efficient member.

That sound great @damzxyno but have fun as well because that is just as important. :)

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Muchísimas gracias por la bienvenida, mi perfil es un tanto variado y con grandes metas que esforzarme por cumplir en Hive, excelente el trabajo que hace por ayudar a la plataforma @pjansen.ctp 😍.