CTPtalk Weekly Stats - 01/10/2021 to 01/16/2021

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Welcome to my weekly CTPtalk stats report. This report is covering January 10th, through January 10th.

The overview is compiled for everyone interested in the token development of the CTP tribe so please continue to read for your weekly stats dosage.


The following topics will be covered:
• Daily posts and earnings
• Top CTP Authors and Earners
• Longer term CTP posts development
• Total CTP supply

Daily posts and earnings

Let’s start with the daily posts and earnings in week 03. During this week 274 (+5%) unique authors published 1,162 (+13%) CTP posts. They generated in total 22,449 CTP as earnings. The first chart presents the number of posts published per day.


The second chart shows the earnings these posts have generated per day.


Top CTP Authors and Earners

The next two charts present the Top authors and Top earners in week 03. In this week the Top 3 CTP Authors were @playhighcard (33), @harpreetjanda (28) and @playpoker (26).


The Top 3 CTP post earners were @jongolson (1,343 CTP), @russellstockley (1,276 CTP) and @ph1102 (1,142 CTP).


Longer term trends

The subsequent four charts provide the longer-term trend of unique authors, total posts, CTP earnings per week and new authors.

In the past weeks the number of unique authors kept growing on average with 5.7 authors weekly.


Also the number of posts have increased, on average with 24.3 posts weekly.


The amount of CTP tokens earned increased a bit but on average remained stable at 21,667 CTP weekly.


The number of new CTP authors increased on average with 1.1 authors in the past weeks.


Total CTP supply

The final chart presents the total CTP supply, the number of tokens staked, liquid and burned.
In week 03, the total CTP supply increased with 31,828 CTP to 2,751,854 CTP. The number of tokens staked went up to 2,426,584 or 89,90% of the total number in circulation. Finally 412 CTP were burned.


To finish, I would like to welcome @cryptogeek2020, @zemiatin, @drsan, @cryptictruth, @hafiz34, @ahmadmanga, @warpedpoetic, @cryptobrewmaster, @lililuki, @rocejuma, @thethoughtpolice, @andrewweiss, @sandeepp, @scooter77.stem, @therecantonlybe1, @officialuroga, @cryptovios, @mazzle, @tommyl33, @bozz, @aeneasrepublican, @hykss, @escuadron201, @acesontop, @shebe, @branbello, @alphazero to the CTP tribe, having published their first post for the CTP tribe in week 03.

This concludes my weekly update, until the next time and stay safe! 😀

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Thanks for mentioning me~ I didn't hear about this community before and I'm still figuring out what is and isn't okay to post about here. Feeling proud to be welcomed!

Hi! We don't have any really restrictions for posting though our main themes are affiliate marketing and entrepreneurship :)

Thanks, I'll try to tag any post I think the community might be interested in.

I find the community very open in posting various content but the focus is on topics as mentioned by @elianaicgomes above.

Nice! Thanks for the welcome!

Thanks for mentioning me

Thanks for mentioning my name in this stat post. I am using #ctp tag for quite a long time, maybe for several weeks. However, no upvotes from the CTP team 😋😎.

Anyway, in every few day, @jongolson is issuing a tiny amount of CTP token to my hive-engine wallet. How am I getting that? For using the tag in my post?

I believe the reason is most of your posts are from Actifit and we have it muted because people were tag abusing.
Even so, you are getting the token probably from curating other posts that use the CTP tag. Are you on a curation trail? that also helps to get other tokens from it. Hope this helps :)

Yes. I am posting mostly from @actifit, and had no idea that it is muted.

No. I am curating manually. Not following any trails.

Thanks for the explanation.

One question, if don't post from the actifit, what are the chances for getting upvotes from CTP teams?

We actually don't have any other restrictions on topics to post on CTPTalk besides Actifit.
Our main focus is affiliate marketing and entrepreneurship but you can go for other topics. I noticed you talk about your patient cases and that's interesting! maybe doing a separate post from Actifit reports when you get a chance! I'll do my best not to miss them :)

Thanks again. Another question came into my mind (too many questions?)

If I can make a post other than actifit post, mainly for CTP, should I make the post from the https://www.ctptalk.com/ website. Or any other media like ecency or peaked is ok?

As long as you use the CTP tag it's ok in either platform!
Affilliatech, the company behind CTP is working on a new cool frontend for ctptalk.com so hopefully it will be more appealing to use!
I'm glad that I noticed your comment so I could answer all your questions! So feel free to ask anytime!
I will do my best to answer them!
I just hope @pjansen.ctp doesn't mind all of this 🤣

Not at all @elianaicgomes, actually I really appreciate it when you help to onboard new community members. Please enjoy a !WINE to support your great efforts... 😃

Thank you so much for your hard work not only on CTP but also Actifit ♥️🍷

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Good to see so many new members :)

Thanks for posting the stats , would like to see myself there someday soon.

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Indeed @amr008, the growth in this community is amazing. So many new people posting here on a weekly basis. :-)

Thank you for your mention!

Thanks for your nice stats.

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Really beautiful to see this weekly stat come to thrive in the CTP community. Keep doing the good work. I hope to appear in your next week's stat.

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