CTPtalk Weekly Stats - 01/24/2021 to 01/30/2021

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Welcome to my weekly CTPtalk stats report. The overview is compiled for everyone interested in the token development of the CTP tribe, so please continue to read for your weekly stats dosage.


The following topics will be covered:
• Daily posts and earnings
• Top CTP Authors and Earners
• Longer term CTP posts development
• CTP overall

Daily posts and earnings

Let’s start with the daily posts and earnings in week 5. During this week 282 (+11%) unique authors published 1,209 (+5%) CTP posts. They generated in total 22,466 CTP as earnings. The first chart presents the number of posts published per day.


The second chart shows the earnings these posts have generated per day.


Top CTP Authors and Earners

The next two charts present the Top authors and Top earners in week 5. In this week the Top 3 CTP authors were @playpoker (38), @playhighcard (38) and @harpreetjanda (28).


The Top 3 CTP post Earners were @jongolson (876 CTP), @russellstockley (875 CTP) and @ph1102 (760 CTP).


Longer term trends

The subsequent four charts provide the longer-term trend of unique authors, total posts, CTP earnings per week and new authors.

In the past weeks the number of unique authors kept growing on average with 6.0 authors weekly.


Also the number of posts have increased, on average with 29.4 posts weekly.


The amount of CTP tokens earned decreased a bit but on average remained stable at 21,667 CTP weekly.


The number of new CTP authors increased on average with 0.6 authors in the past weeks.


CTP overall

The following charts presents the development of CTP overall with the first one providing an overview of the total CTP supply, the number of tokens staked, liquid and burned.

In week 05, the total CTP supply increased with 33,569 CTP to 2,817,591 CTP. The number of tokens staked went up to 2,486,565 or 89,97% of the total number in circulation. Finally 634 CTP were burned.


The total CTP amount in circulation is held by 2,381 account holders.


The final chart presents the TOP 20 CTP holders on 7 February.


To finish, I would like to welcome @lqch, @wleoupdate, @psimpson67, @zekecuba, @andrewmusic, @celioeguga, @gamsam, @peter-stone, @pialejoana, @janaliana, @stemgeeks, @acont, @simoci, @coffeelovers, @yohadice, @hivebuzz, @pvmihalache, @memehive, @solairitas, @douvill and @juecoree to the CTP tribe, having published their first post for the CTP tribe in week 05.

This concludes my weekly update, until the next time and stay safe! 😀

(Information source: CTP tribe condenser and Hive-Engine)

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Great post and informative as usual. Great to see the growth. A little BBH tip for you
!BBH 10

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Thanks for your very own token @bradleyarrow. That's an amazing idea to reward others in this way! :)

Thanks 👍

Command accepted!

Are you retrieving the earnings based on token issue /contract transfer ?

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No, I'm pulling the earnings for posts directly from the CTPTalk-condensor.

Got it . Thanks for the reply :) Keep up the good work.

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Thanks for the mention

Thanks for all your contributions the the CTP tribe. :)

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