CTPtalk Weekly Stats 11/01/2020 to 11/07/2020

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Welcome to my weekly CTPtalk stats report. This report is covering November 1st, through November 7th.

When you are interested in numbers and like to know more about the development of the CTP tribe, please continue to read.


The following topics will be covered:
• Daily posts and earnings
• Top CTP tag posters and earners
• Longer term developments

Daily posts and earnings

Let’s start with the daily posts and earnings in week 45. This week 192 (+10%) unique users published 778 (-1%) posts with CTP tag. They generated 21,498 CTP in total as earnings. The first chart presents the number of posts published per day.
The second chart shows the earnings these posts have generated for the participants.

Top CTP tag posters and earners

The next two charts present the top posters and earners in week 45. This week @luciannagy created the largest number of posts (35) using the CTP tag.
With his reports, @russellstockley was the highest earner (1,559 CTP).

Longer term trends

The final two charts provide the longer-term trend of all posters and CTP earnings per week.

Finally I would like to welcome @slobberchops, @starstrings01, @johnsdowie, @engrsamest, @valchiz, @redheadpei, @mdaminulislam, @hetty-rowan, @donald.porter, @leo-audio and @elements5, who all published their first post using the CTP tag in week 45.

This concludes my weekly update, until the next time and stay safe! 😀

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It's always interesting to see these stats!

Thanks for creating them!

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Thanks @ph1102, glad you like them. I need to find a bit more time to further expand these stats and include the developments in CTP holdings as well. I'm sure this will happen in the coming weeks.

Hey @ph1102, here is a little bit of BEER from @pjansen for you. Enjoy it!

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Glad to see that you've taken up to publish CTP stats weekly. I saw the one for last week and gave you a follow to be able to be kept updated with this information. Thanks for the efforts.

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