CTPtalk Weekly Stats 11/29/2020 to 12/05/2020

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Welcome to my weekly CTPtalk stats report. This report is covering November 29st, through December 05th.

The overview is compiled for everyone interested in the token development of the CTP tribe so please continue to read for your weekly stats dose.


The following topics will be covered:
• Daily posts and earnings
• Top CTP tag posters and earners
• Longer term CTP developments
• Total CTP supply

Daily posts and earnings

Let’s start with the daily posts and earnings in week 49. During this week 194 (-9%) unique users published 826 (-5%) posts with the CTP tag. They generated in total 21,807 CTP as earnings. The first chart presents the number of posts published per day.


The second chart shows the earnings these posts have generated per day.


Top CTP posters and earners

The next two charts present the top posters and post earners in week 49. In this week the Top 3 CTP posters were @guurry123 (23), @russellstockley (22) and @cranium (19).


The Top 3 CTP post earners were @jongolson (1,258 CTP), @ph1102 (1127 CTP) and @russellstockley (850 CTP).


Longer term trends

The subsequent three charts provide the longer-term trend of unique posters, total posts and CTP earnings per week.


Total CTP supply

The final chart presents the total CTP supply, the number of tokens staked, liquid and burned.
In week 49 the CTP total increased with 32,909 CTP to 2,545,781 CTP. The number of tokens staked went to 2,253,931 or 90.1% of the total number in circulation. Finally 118 CTP were burned.


To finish, I would like to welcome @bitcoinflood, @adikhen, @magnata, @walarhein, @tim-ini, @davidmuhammad, @knowhow92, @elricmoonslayer, @anderssinho, @khan.dayyanz, @marybellrg, @akumagai, @iliasdiamantis and @rosana6 who all published their first post using the CTP tag in week 49.

This concludes my weekly update, until the next time and stay safe! 😀

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Thanks for sharing the information...

In the last weeks you are frequently in the top posters list @guurry123. 👍

Hey @guurry123, here is a little bit of BEER from @pjansen for you. Enjoy it!

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Thanks for sharing

Yes, thanks for sharing. This is great information, at least for us geek types. Lol

Very true @bradleyarrow, lots of stats geeks out there. :D

Hey @bradleyarrow, here is a little bit of BEER from @pjansen for you. Enjoy it!

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Thanks for the mention. Got my first post through CTP. I will try to be more consistent.

What I need to do for participating?

Just include the CTP tag in your posts @adikhen, that's all.

Go up bro

Thanks for the mention and the notice!

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Thanks a lot for sharing these very intesresting statistics about CTPtalk @pjansen.ctp, it's really nice to see the progress, keep up your great work, it's awesome.

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Thanks for your stats @pjansen